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How to develop the ultimate website layout [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of your digital strategy. From creating awesome, engaging content, to having a highly visible call to action that prompts your visitors to contact you, there are a wide number of methods you need to use to create the ultimate website layout. If you don’t know where to start, or you would like to save time trying to work out what makes the ultimate website layout then you’re in luck because this excellent infographic from UK Web Host Review: 25 features every online business must have in 2017 will do the hard work for you. From showing you the best place to position your business tagline, to explaining where to put your content, everything you need to know about website layout is included. It even covers off the basics like making sure that your domain name is easy to remember. If you are starting up a new website, or you want to review your current website layout, then this is the ideal starting point. You can find out which content should sit above the fold and which content should sit below the fold. It also details where to include your key business information and the best kind of format to present certain types of content. If you follow the guidance of this infographic, you really can’t go wrong. Positioning of content is vital in how effective your website is, so use the infographic as a template to build your website. It even includes a list of every key feature that any good website should have, so if you want to make sure that you have the ultimate website layout, here is your chance to put it into reality. Remember, effective positioning leads to increased conversion...

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Kin-Lai. Catalogue design.

Date 2016 Client KIN-LAI. Store Fixture Brand KIN-LAI Industry...

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Date 2016 Client Kairon Brand Kairon Industry Education Scope Corporate Identity Design Website...

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Red Point Ventures.

Date 2016 Client Red Point Ventures Brand Red Point Ventures Industry Retail Scope Verbal Branding and Writing Brand Identity Design Website...

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Date 2016 Client health Essentials Brand Fru-V Smoothies Industry Food Manufacturing Scope Verbal Branding and Writing Brand Identity Design Packaging Development Website...

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Date 2014 Client Versapet Inc. Brand Everyday Pet Industry Manufacturing. Pets products. Capability Packaging...

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Tundra Technical Stuffing

Date 2008 Client Tundra Technical Stuffing Brand Tundra Technical Stuffing Industry Business Consulting Services Scope Logo Design Brochure Design Website...

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Harmonic Enterprise Systems

Date 2010 Client Harmonic Enterprise System Brand Harmonic Enterprise System Industry Business Consulting Services Project scope Logo Design Business Cards Design Corporate...

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Mounir R. El-Ayari. The Money Maze. Book Cover. Strawberry Frog Publishing

Date 2007 Client Strawberry Frog Press. Brand Moonier R., El-Ayarl. Through the Money Maze. Industry Education and Book Publishing Capability Book Cover Design Print...

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