Exciting Graphic Design captures attention.

While your graphic logo is at the heart of your brand, the right choices of images, colours, and structure make it easier for audiences to take in your whole message. Everything your organization does, says, and produces must integrate and present a unified “face” to the world. Thoughtful graphic design that includes and complements all aspects of your brand is one of the primary unifying factors.
At New Design Group our interest in graphic design centres on effective communication using visual elements. Those elements can include iconography, photographic images, illustration. In fact, even words can be visual elements when their placement, size, and typographic treatment reflect overall brand design and clearly convey your message.

Some aspects of graphic design in branding are more subtle than may be immediately apparent. Colour and colour combinations can impart psychological effects and messages all their own. For instance, red is emotionally intense. It speaks of strength, courage, action. It is often used to motivate people to make immediate decisions, as in its use on “click here” website buttons. Yet, varying shades of red have varying shades of meaning. Lighter red is joy, deeper red is vigour, leadership. Of course, these aspects of colour are not set in stone but are supported by many studies.

At New Design Group, we take all aspects of design – colour, space and negative area, texture, eye path, and more – into consideration in order to bring as much excitement and motivational meaning to your branding as possible.

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