Non Profit Web Design – Boost Your Credibility To Get More Donations

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A non profit web design project has a tough challenge to overcome. Unlike websites which offer goods or services in return for cash, a non profit website seeks donations without obvious benefits for the donor.

Our previous blog explains how non profits can get started in the world of digital marketing. But beyond these technical requirements, how can you boost your non profit credibility via your website design?

1. About Us


For any company website, the About Us section provides background information and attempts to show the company as trustworthy. In the case of non profits, it’s an important section to focus on. It must describe the mission and history of the organisation, how it operates (Board of Directors and volunteer information), its charitable registration number and any other organizations it works with.

The more factual data included in the About Us section, the more new website visitors are going to trust you.

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2. Images Of Those You Help


Nothing gives more credibility to an organisation than images showing its achievements.  Use photos on your website of those you help to show what you achieve with donations. Furthermore photos which tug at the heartstrings are likely to encourage more people to donate.

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3. Images Of Staff In Action


Include images of your staff working on the cause you support in your non profit web design.  Save The Children provides an excellent example – the President and CEO is featured with children the organization helps. This indicates that staff involvement in projects is valued from the top down, and donors will feel reassured that their money is being used for hands-on help.


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5. Video Testimonials


Encourage people who have benefited from your non profit organization to share their story on your website – preferably as video which is popular, easy to consume and easy to share.

To boost credibility, your videos must be filmed and edited by a professional: a few quality videos will have a greater, positive impact than numerous amateur films, complete with handshake and poor lighting.


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6. Blogs


Write informative blogs about specific case studies, event attendance and fund raising initiatives.  Tell people if you are partnering with other organizations to further the cause you support.  Whatever proactive activities you undertake, make sure your donors know about them by including a blog in your non profit web design.


7.  Partner Logos


If you have long term funders and sponsors, display their logos on your website.  They will gain exposure; you will gain more credibility by being associated with them.


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7. Press Releases


Every non profit issues press releases in the hope of getting media coverage.  Include them on your website – another way to demonstrate what you are doing with the money your donors so kindly donate.

8. Media Coverage

Share any media coverage on your website. If a newspaper thinks your non profit is worthy of column inches, then make sure your donors know. Include a link to the online newspaper or share a screenshot of the printed version.

If you get coverage via TV or radio, request a link to the news item to share on your site


9. Accountability


Donors need to understand where you spend their money.  Make this information an integral part of your non profit website design.


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Include a link to a downloadable version of your annual report: the ultimate step in financial transparency.


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However professional your non profit web design, without the elements above you will lack credibility amongst potential donors.  More credibility equates to more donations – and that is something you can’t afford to overlook in your web design.