Unprofessional Logo Design Costs Thousands

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You may be under the misapprehension that it’s a professional logo design which costs the most.  But in actual fact, if you cut corners on your logo design and choose a non-professional to help you out, you may well end up spending thousands!

Since your logo design forms the very basis of your visual brand identity, it will be shown everywhere – from your business card and flyers, to your signage and vehicle graphics.  And whilst you might really like your new logo, is it saying all the right things about your business?

Too many companies don’t use a professional graphic designer to create their logo and subsequently discover that their target market doesn’t really understand what they are offering.  Perhaps the logo looks too similar to a competitor’s or perhaps the psychology of the chosen colour palette sends out the wrong message.  Whatever the reason, they may find that they need to undertake a whole new branding exercise – which is guaranteed to cost thousands.  Read our infographic to find out more!

Logo Design Cost - Unprofessional logo design costs thousands Infographics