Know When It’s Time To Rebrand

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Making the decision to rebrand your business is never easy.  Some people fear rebranding because they may lose existing clients:  but that doesn’t have to be the case. If your construction company hasn’t bulldozed its way to success, if your consultancy service is giving advice to far fewer clients, or if your children’s playground seems to have lost all its friends, then a rebrand should be considered.

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Your brand encapsulates everything that the client sees and perceives about you, from your visual identity in brochures and adverts, to the tone of voice used in your website and other marketing material.  If your brand doesn’t immediately explain what you offer, whether you are budget or luxury, friendly or formal, how can clients easily judge if you are the best company to supply what they need?

Before you invest in rebranding your business, ask yourself some relevant questions:

  • Are customers clear about what you offer? 

If you run an employment agency but are approached by clients looking for a career coach, then your branding is not clear to the consumer.

  •  Are you confident that customers never confuse you with another company?

Finding yourself having confusing calls with customers who think they are talking to a different company entirely, suggests your brand is falling into the me-too trap; it is simply not unique enough.

  •  Was your brand created by professionals? 

If your original brand was created on a shoestring, it will show.  A slapdash design or a lack of consistent branding across all marketing materials will reek of unprofessionalism.  And customers will head to a professionally branded company which they will see as more trustworthy.

  •  Is your brand memorable and able to catch the eye of the ever more discerning customer?

Nowadays the internet allows consumers to easily compare companies.  A bland brand that makes little impression on the viewer will always lose out to the company with the clever, dynamic brand.

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  •  Have your products stayed the same since you first developed your brand?

Often a significant change in products or services necessitates a rebrand; otherwise customers will just assume you only supply what you did in the past.

If you answer ‘no’ to any of the above questions then the time is ripe to consider a rebrand: it will take time and money, but if it helps bring more customers to your doors, the return on investment will be generous.

A rebrand can range from a subtle improvement of your logo, website design and marketing materials, or can extend to a far more radical overhaul.  It’s best to discuss your needs with a professional brand design company who will consider important elements of your brand, such as:

Colour Palette:  the colours used to express your brand must take into account the psychology of colour.  Bright primary colours are great to advertise a children’s playground but not recommended for a financial consultancy.

Choice of Font:  font choice can say a lot about a company.  A handwriting script makes the company look informal – not really the best choice for a bank or dentist.

Tone of voice:  if you want people to take financial advice from you, a formal tone of voice is required in all your marketing materials.  More fun copy can work well for colleges trying to attract new students.

A professional branding company will rebrand your business to create a new visual identity that is appropriate, depicts what you sell, is unique, memorable and highly professional.  Whether it’s a revitalisation of your existing brand or a radical overhaul, don’t focus on the few clients who may drift away from you – think about all the new ones you will attract.