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What makes a great logo?

A logo is a visual representation of the company’s brand identity. A well-designed logo should communicate the company’s persona, be unique, recognizable, appropriate and eye catching.

The design should work well in color, as well as black-and-white and look great on promotional products such as pens and golf balls as well as on a double-decker bus or billboard. Does this describe your logo?

If the answer is no, you might consider undergoing a logo re-design.

Having a versatile brandmark (seal) for your brand is critical to making sure your brand translates across multiple mediums

Logotypes are a great chance to pull your brands tone of voice in to portray either how you envision your brand communicating

A effective tagline outlines your unique position in the market as well as is great for communication your brands tone of voice as well


What are the five common types of logo design?

While creating a logo the designer is the channel between the client and the audience.
A logo design should personify and involve the client’s business goals and positioning, and in the end, address the needs and expectations of the consumer.

Wordmarks. Lettermarks. Symbol. Emblem.


These logos are often created with custom fonts making them completely unique. These rememberable logos are great for smaller business as the brand name is the logo making it easier for your target market to remember your brand when seeing advertising.



Lettermark logos are a great style that leverages simplistic design along across the entire logo and utilizes an abbreviation instead of the full name for the brand.



Symbol based icons are perhaps the most known styles with the largest corporations (Apple, Microsoft, Facebook) using icons for their logo. These logos have also gained popularity due to their ability to be transferred into app & site icons easily. However these icons require your target audience to become familiar with your business.



While similar to symbol logos the main difference is emblems utilize text inside of the logo as well. These logos create amazing badges and seals making them great for governements, communities and political organizations.

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Why is it important to have your logo designed by a professional?

Logos are brain tattoos that businesses imprint on the minds of their customers. When you think about NIKE, what do you see in your mind’s eye first?
A Swoosh!

The human brain recognizes and acknowledges shapes first. Then it associates shapes with colours. Following that it decodes the actual word into its meaning.

Before you invest in marketing materials such as websites, brochures, and videos, determine whether your logo clearly communicates your desired message to your customers. Using improperly designed brand marks in marketing campaigns can undermine results and lead to ROI disappointment.


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