Adobe Survey: Paper vs Digital Processes in Business

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Adobe recently commissioned an online survey of over 1000 US managers who use contracts in their business, to assess their attitude to paper in the workplace.  On the whole they were all against it, preferring digital processes.  It seems managers resent the time spent by staff on paper shuffling, copying and filing, and feel that digitally based systems make work flow easier and far more effective.


Over 50% of the managers surveyed said that digital processes make documentation management more efficient and over 60% believe working digitally helps reduce costs.


Furthermore a digital approach is believed to be more secure.  Paper contracts can be tampered with and 60% of managers feel that digital documents that are password protected are the safest option.  In addition there is always a danger of paper documents going astray – 56% are fearful of losing that all important paper contract.


Unsurprisingly the managers all cited the environment as another key driving force to having a paperless business, with 71% of respondents stating digital workflows show a strong environmental conscience.

But here comes the sting in the tail.  For all the positivity regarding a paperless workplace, only 2% of companies use no paper at all in their business transactions involving contracts.  So all mouth and no action it seems.

However many managers said they would be very interested in having digital tools at their disposal to help their transition from paper to digital processes.  These included the use of an eSignature service and an automated Web contracting tool designed to track contracts, enable them to be electronically signed and to assure their security.

Interestingly the survey makes no mention of the Adobe EchoSign product which is a web contracting and e-signature product already established on the market.  One can only assume with so many managers clamouring to convert to digital processes that Adobe quickly went back to these qualified leads to make their pitch!

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