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Date 2019 Client Фaretra Industry...

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Non Profit Web Design – Boost Your Credibility To Get More Donations

A non profit web design project has a tough challenge to overcome. Unlike websites which offer goods or services in return for cash, a non profit website seeks donations without obvious benefits for the donor. Our previous blog explains how non profits can get started in the world of digital marketing. But beyond these technical requirements, how can you boost your non profit credibility via your website design? 1. About Us   For any company website, the About Us section provides background information and attempts to show the company as trustworthy. In the case of non profits, it’s an important section to focus on. It must describe the mission and history of the organisation, how it operates (Board of Directors and volunteer information), its charitable registration number and any other organizations it works with. The more factual data included in the About Us section, the more new website visitors are going to trust you. 2. Images Of Those You Help   Nothing gives more credibility to an organisation than images showing its achievements.  Use photos on your website of those you help to show what you achieve with donations. Furthermore photos which tug at the heartstrings are likely to encourage more people to donate.   3. Images Of Staff In Action   Include images of your staff working on the cause you support in your non profit web design.  Save The Children provides an excellent example – the President and CEO is featured with children the organization helps. This indicates that staff involvement in projects is valued from the top down, and donors will feel reassured that their money is being used for hands-on help.     5. Video Testimonials   Encourage people who have benefited from your non profit organization to share their story on your website – preferably as video which is popular, easy to consume and easy to share. To boost credibility, your videos must be filmed and edited by a professional: a few quality videos will have a greater, positive impact than numerous amateur films, complete with handshake and poor lighting.     6. Blogs   Write informative blogs about specific case studies, event attendance and fund raising initiatives.  Tell people if you are partnering with other organizations to further the cause you support.  Whatever proactive activities you undertake, make sure your donors know about them by including a blog in your non profit web design.   7.  Partner Logos   If you have long term funders and sponsors, display their logos on your website.  They will gain exposure; you will gain more credibility by being associated with them.     7. Press Releases   Every non profit issues press releases in the hope of getting media coverage.  Include them on your website – another way to demonstrate what you are doing with the money your donors so kindly donate. 8. Media Coverage Share any media coverage on your website. If a newspaper thinks your non profit is worthy of column inches, then make sure your donors know. Include a link to the online newspaper or share a screenshot of the printed version. If you get coverage via TV or radio, request a link to the news item to share on your site   9. Accountability   Donors need to understand where you spend their...

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5 Rules For Online Success – Digital Marketing For Financial Services

Digital marketing for financial companies is essential to attract new clients and compete with digital-savvy start ups whose slick online customer experience appeals to younger people. The traditional financial sector lags behind fast paced changes in the digital world. Many companies miss opportunities for client acquisition and retention.  When it comes to digital marketing for financial companies, there are fundamental to be followed 1. Appreciate The Need For Digital Marketing The financial industry is heavily regulated with rigid organizational structures making it slow to adapt to digital advances. The 2017 Digital Trends in Financial Services and Insurance report*  found that only 9% of financial services and insurance organisations claim to be digital-first. New financial brands put digital marketing at the top of their agenda. Established financial companies must now take digital marketing seriously.  They must: understand what digital marketing is and how it helps businesses meet their objectives realise that digital marketing specialists are needed to get best returns on investment assign a useful budget to digital marketing activities   2. Have A Digital Marketing Strategy Once a financial organization decides to up its game in the world of digital marketing, it needs well-defined digital marketing strategies. There’s no point in having a Twitter account or posting videos on YouTube and hoping for the best. A strategy must address these areas: 2.1  Website Is the website professionally designed to current standards? Are the company’s services clearly described on the homepage? Is the website fast to load and easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile? Is the website optimised for the search engines using the best on-page SEO techniques? 2.2 Content Marketing Is the company creating regular content in the form of videos, blogs and/or podcasts? Is content being shared on appropriate channels? Is the company investigating ways to get its content shared via guest blogging or video interview opportunities? 2.3  Social Media Has the company built a strong social media presence on relevant channels? Has the company allocated sufficient time to social media activities in order to increase engagement and reach out to potential clients? 2.4 Paid Advertising Is the company investing in paid digital advertising, for example Facebook ads or Google Adwords? Has the company designed a remarketing strategy to reach out to website visitors who have never purchased? 2.5 Customer Retention Does the company send clients eNewsletters and personalised emails as part of a customer retention strategy? Using digital marketing specialists to define a marketing strategy, the business is clear about what needs to be done, and allocates the budget required to implement it. 3. Put The Customer Experience First It’s no longer just about the products you sell, client experience is now just as important. Customers have higher expectations than ever before.  Potential new clients expect: a fast-loading, professional website to find what they want on the site, as quickly as possible a rapid response to questions, whether submitted via email, website or social media Existing clients interact with a financial website to check relevant information, for example checking performance of their portfolio or the stock markets. They do not want delays or need to speak to someone. They’ll expect this on their smartphones as well as on their desktops.  A financial company website must have functionality that allows customers to achieve what they want,...

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Manufacturing Company Advertising – Using Case Studies Effectively

If you’re not using case studies as part of your manufacturing company advertising, you’re missing a powerful opportunity to showcase your work and build credibility in your brand. When a company seeks the best provider of their needs, they go online to discover available products and uncover manufacturers’ reputations according to previous clients. Rather than letting potential clients trawl the internet looking for reviews of your company, be proactive. Flaunt your success stories as case studies in your manufacturing company advertising.  The Advantages of Using Case Studies In Your Manufacturing Company Advertising It’s easy for potential clients to learn more about your completed projects You have some control over which reviews your prospects see You can demonstrate your expertise with visuals and text Customer testimonials support your claims How To Use Case Studies In Your Manufacturing Company Advertising There is a wide range of ways case studies promote your brand and show its credibility. 1. Website Case Studies Create a section for case studies that detail completed projects.   Describing the customer’s problem and your solution gives readers good insight into your capabilities. Use visuals of project progress and/or completion, showing exactly how your products work.   2. Client Testimonials Supplement your case studies with client testimonials. Ask clients for video testimonials telling how happy they are with your service and quality of work. Video is easy to consume and can be very persuasive because the complimentary words come directly from the client 3. Customer Logos Ask satisfied clients if you can display their logo on your website. They’re unlikely to say no as they will benefit from additional online exposure. Feature the logos on the footer or a sidebar. Website visitors get an immediate visual message of companies that use your products, and may help persuade them to contact you. If you create manufacturing company advertising campaigns with a dedicated landing page, prominently feature your customer logos there.  Customer endorsements can persuade a hesitant purchaser to go ahead and submit that online form. 4. Website Blogs Consider using your case studies as longer blog articles on your website. You can go into more depth about projects, how you addressed them, how long they took, and the successful outcomes. Ideally, you’ll have a range of images to supplement the texts. Of course, by optimising articles for specific keywords, you improve the chances of ranking well in organic results listings. 5. Brochures Feature one or two selected case studies in printed brochures. Use quality visuals, describe the problem and your solution, and include a client testimonial. Readers will understand more about the products you manufacture and how they are used in practice. 6. Sales Staff Ensure your sales staff are fully versed in your case studies.  Clients in a specific industry may be more likely to purchase from you if they know you have a proven track record in the same industry.  Sales staff should use example case studies to explain how your product can work for their clients. 7. Events At trade shows, use your case studies in your marketing materials. Use visuals of completed projects in your backdrop or pop up; include overviews of selected case studies in your printed handouts. Your newest contacts will leave the show with a better understanding of what you do that satisfies...

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Facebook For Non Profit Organizations – Brand New Tools

Facebook for non profit organizations is a highly effective marketing tool which won’t blow your marketing budget. Facebook is committed to helping non profits and is rolling out new ways to directly connect and collect contributions on Facebook. Now is the best time to use Facebook for your non profit organization. Here are the main reasons why Facebook for non profit organizations is a must. Why is Facebook so useful for non profits? Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, with over 2 billion monthly active users (as of June 2017*).  That’s an awful lot of people who could be interested in your cause.   Setting up a business page is free and easy to do.  With a great header image and your logo, the page can be easily branded.   You can add your contact details and a summary overview to concisely explain the objectives of your non profit.   If you have a mobile app, you can add it to page for your followers to download.   You can add a “donate now” button to enable visitors to make a donation.     Each time someone makes a donation, Facebook encourages them to share and invite their friends.  Any shares contain a “donate” button so others can donate directly from their newsfeed.   Posting on Facebook costs nothing (apart from your time). Unlike Twitter with its limit of 140 characters, you can add as much or as little text as you wish with each post.   It’s easy to upload images and videos to your posts – a great way to call attention to each one and encourage people to read them.   You can drive traffic to your website by including a link in your posts.   You can share a wide variety of  information: your events, your staff, your success stories. Facebook offers the perfect opportunity to show the personal side of your non profit; something that cannot be achieved so simply on your website.   You can broadcast live on Facebook. For example film an important event and share with your fans in real time.   People who wish to raise funds for your non profit can set up their own dedicated fundraiser page – you can then link to it from the non profit page.   Example Fundraiser Page:   Example of fundraiser pages linked to the non profit page:   You can create events and invite your fans to attend.   Facebook for non profit organizations is a invaluable tool. By posting regularly and harnessing the power of the new tools Facebook is introducing, you can spread the word about your cause, and encourage people to donate or raise funds on your behalf.   * source

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Manufacturing Company Web Design – First Impressions Count

Your manufacturing company web design is more important than you think.  Some B2B businesses feel it’s more important to personally network to win contracts, but today’s digitally-connected world is proving them wrong. Manufacturers of retail products learned long ago that a good quality, appealing website is a must. Even if you manufacture visually uninteresting items such as spare parts for washing machines, your leading competitors will have professional photography and web design that show the final products as works of art. Why Is Your Manufacturing Company Web Design So Important? Personal networking will always be the vital sales component it has always been, but digital technology – the most powerful communication tool yet – greatly multiplies the advantages of all personal interaction, including networking. Technology also simplifies business logistics. Companies looking for suppliers – your company, perhaps – are doing their homework online right now. In fact, they are actively trying to find you but you have to be there to be found, and the sole purpose of professional web design is to make you visible and engaging online. Manufacturing Company Web Design – First Impressions The first thing your potential customers do, even if your manufacturing company has been recommended to them, is visit your website.  If it doesn’t effectively deliver your message and appear professionally designed, then you’ve lost the power of a top-quality first impression. Once lost, good first impressions cannot be regained and second impressions – if you get the chance to make them – will never be as powerful in supporting your awareness and sales goals. Manufacturing Company Web Design – Some Great Examples   This manufacturing company website creates a great first impression: Fully branded – in terms of logo, company name and consistent colour palette Business – it’s crystal clear that this manufacuturer provides industrial temperature control solutions Main image – high impact; you can almost feel the chill factor! USP – a company with extensive experience in terms of years, global reach and number of industry types OVERALL – A modern website, great use of colours, eye-catching images and clear messages, all visible above the fold.     A different design, but also one which makes a great first impression: Fully branded – in terms of logo, company name and use of the brand green colour as the background for the warranty offer Business – there’s no doubt that this manufacturer sells pools and spa covers Main image – shows the company’s skill effortlessly: the cover fits the unusual shape of this pool perfectly USP – this company is so confident of its products that it offers a 20 year warrantly OVERALL – A modern, uncluttered design to showcase the product and the incentive to buy – the 20 year warranty.     This web design looks dated: the page isn’t full width, the images don’t complement one another, and the three clickable buttons look large and clunky. Fully branded – the logo and company name (which we have hidden) are shown, but the maroon colour of the logo is not used elsewhere Business – is it a supplier of ladies’ hats?  Even the top image fails to show that this is a pool cover business. Only by reading the text can you understand what this company offers. USP – there’s...

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Digital Marketing For Investment Companies – Top Tools And Tips

Digital marketing for investment companies is an important way to generate new business. You may have hired a digital marketing agency to work on your behalf and are delighted to see more website contact forms being submitted. But wouldn’t it be good to really understand what aspect of your digital marketing is working for you?  And even better to fully understand any reports the agency so helpfully provide each month? We’re sharing some great free tools and insider tips to help you better understand the strength of your online presence and which marketing techniques are driving most business your way. Digital Marketing For Investment Companies – Top Tools And Tips 1. Alexa Ranking The Alexa rank of a website is based on the amount of traffic it has – the lower the ranking the better.  The top websites in Canada according to Alexa are:   A general rule of thumb is that a ranking below 100,000 means a website has quite heavy traffic.  It’s simple to test your site, and that of your competitors.  Simple add the Alexa extension to Chrome and click on it when you visit a website. Here’s an example for – ranking very well both worldwide and in Canada, and with 128 sites linking back to their website (an important ranking factor).   2. Website Loading Speed The speed at which your website loads is a ranking factor – so the faster the better is essential.  Check and see how well your site is performing using one of the free programs, such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights. You’ll receive feedback on both mobile and desktop performance with a list of recommendations for improvement – which you should discuss with your web developer without delay!   3. Keyword Ranking If you’ve been using digital marketing for investment companies to try to improve your website ranking for specific keywords, see how well you are doing using the SERPs rank checker. Pop in the keyword, the domain name and the search engine location, and you’ll get your feedback. Alternatively leave the domain name blank and see which websites rank well:   4. Google Analytics Without a doubt, Google Analytics is the most important tool to use for assessing the effectiveness of digital marketing for investment companies. You can see at a glance the summary traffic data for any given time period – sessions, users, session duration etc. You can find out more about your visitors – their country/city, language, age and gender, and you can track changes in traffic over time. There are three other important metrics to look at when assessing the effectiveness of your digital marketing.  4.1  Conversions  It’s imperative to measure conversions on your website.  These goals may be a simple as a contact us form submission, or the download of a guide from your site.  Once the goals are set up in Google Analytics you can monitor the number of goals completed  and the source of these completed goals eg. google / organic google/ cpc bing /organic bing / cpc yahoo /organic com /referral com / referral com /referral plus any goals completed by visitors from referring websites.   4.2  Acquisition Where exactly are your website visitors coming from?  The acquisition report shows exactly where. Organic – people have typed in search words relevant...

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Non Profit Organization Digital Marketing – Getting Started

Non profit organization digital marketing can be a powerful and cost effective tool to increase brand awareness and encourage new donations.  However if you don’t fully understand your digital marketing options, it’s impossible to know where to spend your marketing budget. Our overview of non profit organization digital marketing is designed to clarify the different options open to you. Non Profit Organization Digital Marketing Overview 1. Website Design A professional looking website is the very cornerstone of the credibility of your non profit organization in the eyes of the general public. No matter what cause you support or how effective your work is, if a visitor to your website sees poorly designed pages, content with grammatical errors and a hard-to-navigate layout, they are unlikely to trust you with their donation. It’s a simple fact – as part of your non profit organization digital marketing strategy, your website must be professionally designed to give the right first impression to your visitors.   2. Mobile Websites and Loading Speed Nowadays more people search online using mobile devices than on desktops.  And they are used to plenty of choice – if a website doesn’t display properly on a mobile phone, or takes more than a few seconds to load, the visitor will simply give up.  Potential donation lost. So not only do you need professional designers to help create the visual look of your website, but you also need professional web developers who can optimise the site for mobile devices to ensure it loads quickly.   3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 3.1  On-Page SEO If you’re unfamiliar with the term SEO, it means ensuring that your website is optimised for the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Tech-savvy SEO experts make subtle behind-the-scenes modifications to each web page to tell the search engines exactly what your NFP is all about. Once the search engines fully understand what you offer, they will list your site higher up in the search results.  And this is extremely important – unless your site shows up on page 1 or 2 of the search results, the majority of people won’t ever find you.  But if you regularly appear on page 1 of the results for a relevant search term, more and more people are likely to click through to your site. We recommend professional assistance with your non profit organization on-page SEO if you want to get more traffic to your website. 3.2  Local SEO Another way to improve your website ranking is to undertake Local SEO.  This includes techniques such as listing your NFP on Google My Business (for free), so you show up in Google map results:   You should also ensure that your non profit organization digital marketing includes getting listed on relevant local directories such as Charity Village, and the major citation data aggregators of local business data.   4. Off Page SEO Search engines take into account other factors to help decide which websites to list on page 1 of the results.  When many people share information about an organization online, it is seen as popular and credible.  Since the search engines want to show only the best and most relevant websites to their searchers, popular sites with a good reputation are more likely to show on page 1. By...

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How to develop the ultimate website layout [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of your digital strategy. From creating awesome, engaging content, to having a highly visible call to action that prompts your visitors to contact you, there are a wide number of methods you need to use to create the ultimate website layout. If you don’t know where to start, or you would like to save time trying to work out what makes the ultimate website layout then you’re in luck because this excellent infographic from UK Web Host Review: 25 features every online business must have in 2017 will do the hard work for you. From showing you the best place to position your business tagline, to explaining where to put your content, everything you need to know about website layout is included. It even covers off the basics like making sure that your domain name is easy to remember. If you are starting up a new website, or you want to review your current website layout, then this is the ideal starting point. You can find out which content should sit above the fold and which content should sit below the fold. It also details where to include your key business information and the best kind of format to present certain types of content. If you follow the guidance of this infographic, you really can’t go wrong. Positioning of content is vital in how effective your website is, so use the infographic as a template to build your website. It even includes a list of every key feature that any good website should have, so if you want to make sure that you have the ultimate website layout, here is your chance to put it into reality. Remember, effective positioning leads to increased conversion...

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Kin-Lai. Catalogue design.

Date 2016 Client KIN-LAI. Store Fixture Brand KIN-LAI Industry...

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