4 Ways Construction Companies Can Increase Brand Exposure At Minimal Cost

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Never underestimate the power of your construction company brand.  Powerful brands are firmly linked with quality, reliability and professionalism in the mind of the consumer, and consumers are known to be loyal to their preferred brands.  Using a professional company to create your brand will leave you poised to bulldoze down the road to success:  the visual identity created will demonstrate your company as  a provider of a high quality products, flawless customer service, and a company which delivers its promises on time, every time.

But however wonderful your construction company brand, it needs plenty of exposure.  Don’t automatically think this means you need to take out expensive newspaper advertising: there are plenty of other tricks of the trade.  Here are 4 foolproof ways to get your company’s brand seen time and time again with minimal financial outlay.

Branded Uniforms for Construction Company by New Design Group

1. Brand Your Staff

When your crew are working on a job, they are all visible to all passers-by.  When your staff are manning the office, they will meet potential customers face-to-face.  So brand your employees!   Provide eye-catching, branded uniforms that will make an impression in the viewer’s mind.  And if you can come up with a catchy slogan, that you can emblazon on the back of your workers’ backs, even better.  Be inspired by slogans such as “We Nail It”, “Creating Strong Foundations” and “Building Your Vision”.  The more unusual the design and slogan, the more memorable it will be in the minds of your potential customers.

Vehicle Graphics for Painting Company by New Design Group

2. Brand Your Vehicles

Don’t view the vehicles you use to transport your staff and construction materials as modest objects whose only purpose is to get A to B.  Your vehicles are an important part of your brand awareness arsenal – get them branded with livery that shouts out for attention.  People in the locality will see them time and time again as they wind their merry way down the streets – and a branded vehicle that invites further scrutiny and proudly displays your company name, slogan and contact details, will be sure to rustle up more business in the future.

Lawn Signs for Painting Business by New Design Group

3. Use Lawn Signs

Don’t let your construction crew work anonymously. Display lawn signs conspicuously where they cannot be overlooked.  Construction is never an overnight job, so capitalize on your presence: make sure passers-by appreciate which company is carrying out such a sterling job.  Ensure your brand is highly visible and by including your contact details, anyone who admires your work, can easily well look you up when they are in need of a construction company.

4.  Train Your Staff

We’re not talking about training your staff to build buildings – although we confess that is important.  Go the extra mile and train all your staff to deliver impeccable customer service at all times.  The recipient of excellent service will always be delighted and will remember it long term.  And they won’t be able to resist telling their friends about the construction company that did a great job, kept them abreast of progress and delivered on time. Word of mouth recommendations are priceless when it comes to increasing your construction company brand awareness – most people prefer to use a new company that has been recommended by a friend.

All companies want to increase their brand exposure at minimal cost, but construction companies have several advantages over many others: their work-force is always out and about, their vehicles are always roaming the street, and they can stamp their brand on the construction site where they are working.  And in line with every other company who wants its brand to be remembered for all the right reasons, training staffed in great customer service is guaranteed to bring in more custom.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on newspaper advertising to get impressive brand exposure.  Just following our simple, common sense approach will have more people than you realize being bombarded with your brand on a daily basis.