Using Powerful Images To Market Construction Companies

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Construction companies need to use every weapon in their marketing arsenal to get consumers to sit up and take notice of what they have to say.  And words alone will struggle to convey just how good their company is:  they must use powerful images in their marketing campaigns if they want to attract new clients and make more sales.

Why are Images so Powerful?

There is instantaneous interpretation:  The majority of communication is non-verbal.  In fact only 7% of a message conveyed is attributable to the words.  This is perhaps not surprising given that the human brain deciphers images far quicker than it can process written words – seeing definitely comes before reading. 

They cross language and cultural divides:  Regardless of background, ethnicity or mother tongue, an image has the capacity to speak to everyone who sees it.

They evoke emotions: Whether it’s a photo of a happy family, an outstanding landscape, or a fun cartoon, a great image can evoke a strong emotional response in the viewer.

What Types of Image Should Construction Companies Use?

Construction companies should use images of their completed projects in their marketing materials to entice new customers to make contact.  However it is important to maintain brand consistency throughout.  Even if a variety of different images are used, the visuals should be consistent.  Using the brand colour palette and comparable images across the website, brochures and adverts will help send a uniform message to customers.  Likewise with tone of voice:  quirky adverts which then direct customers to a very formal website will simply confuse them.

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The images used for marketing construction companies should also:

Be professional:  images must be professionally shot if customers are to trust the company.  A professional photographer will ensure images are captured from all the best angles and that the background enhances the image rather than detracts from it.  They will recommend taking exterior shots on a nice bright day whenever possible to help illuminate the building and make it appear at its very best.

Explain what is on offer:  house construction companies can use stunning images of completed houses which make the viewer long to live there.  They can also use photos with models – for example a happy family standing outside the perfect home.  This type of lifestyle image is a great selling tool:  the viewers will start to imagine themselves in the models’ shoes.

Roofing companies can use images to show how their craftsmanship ensures the roof perfectly complements the building.  Commercial construction companies can use a variety of images to depict what they build – modern office buildings, quirky boutique hotels or impressive shopping malls.

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Appropriate:  the image must be appropriate to where it is used:


A homepage has just a few seconds to persuade a website browser to stay a while.  Placing a breathtaking image of a beautifully constructed house or building on the homepage, will give a clear example of what the company can offer.

Website interior images should be used generously but not thoughtlessly.  They can break up large sections of text to make content an easier read.  And they can also give the visitor more visual information about the company’s offerings.  In many instances, a photo gallery is an ideal choice:  a section purely devoted to visual messages that the visitor can click through to their heart’s content.

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Social media

In addition to posting professional images, it’s acceptable, and even recommended, to use a generous sprinkling of candid photos on social media platforms.  Here are some tips to make images work harder to promote your construction company:

  1. Post plenty of photos showing your buildings – both during and after construction.  Fans love to keep abreast about what is happening.
  2. Add a caption to make your images unique and more memorable.
  3. Use photos of your staff – the construction crew hard at work, the customer service staff, or the sales group at exhibitions.
  4. If you have a special offer to promote, or want to invite your fans to visit your stand at a forthcoming exhibition, create a visually attractive voucher to post.  Far more enticing than a few paragraphs of text.
  5. If you have a great write-up or review on another website, take a screenshot, create an image and simply post it.


When placing an advert in a glossy magazine or on a billboard, the design should be image led.  A big wow photo, that showcases the company’s work perfectly, should dominate if the advert is to be noticed.  And of course the final design must be perfectly branded.

Images are an essential part of any strategy to market construction companies successfully.  They must be chosen carefully to reflect the brand identity and must be appropriate to the platform being used.  By working with a professional branding company, construction companies will be guaranteed to harness the power of images in their marketing campaigns.

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