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Web Design by New Design Group

We will be the architects, builders, and designers of your next digital home.

Your website is the digital flagship of your brand. It’s your 24/7 sales machine, conversion king, and marketing guru. Every customer that touches your digital space leaves with an experience. We craft those experiences to help you reach customers in profound new ways. Move beyond run-of-the-mill online brochures and tired old templates. Let’s create something you and your customers truly believe in.

At New Design Group, we converge technical know-how with mind-blowing creativity to deliver websites that go well beyond selling products; they sell experiences.

Web Design by New Design Group

Digital Experiences You Can Wear With Pride

Hyper-calculated user journeys with plenty of hand-holding.

You don’t want simple. You want to be bold. You want to make a difference and inspire people. The user journey isn’t a one-way highway; it’s a Rocky Mountain hike with plenty of dirt roads, detours, and hidden caves. NDG curates thoughtful design and marketing-powered strategies to build experiences that gently help your users down that rocky journey.

Forget chasing leads; let’s make them fall in your lap. We create websites that help users find your product, engage with your content, and embrace your brand. At the end of the day, how your website treats your customers is key. NDG creates brand affinity by matching user desires with instantly delivered design elements. We’ll give them what they want before they know they want it.

Digital Experiences You Can Wear With Pride

User-centric Design; You-centric Strategies

Built for you, for your customers.

There are two sides to every website build. You want a hyper-branded, cost-effective, and lead-conductive website that helps you boost revenue and growth. Your customers want a fun, exciting, and experience-driven journey that puts them front-and-center. Why not both? At NDG, we believe that customer-centric design should be the core of every website, but you-centric strategies are the heart of the build.

Our knowledge-transfer process ensures that you understand every step in the design process. We want you to understand your website, your tools, and the raw power at your disposal. Because when brands understand their websites, they make incredible things happen.

User-centric Design; You-centric Strategies

Simple, Elegant, and Expertly-Crafted

Beauty, say hello to function.

You have 3 seconds to create a meaningful impression on prospects. We make those three seconds count. By converging function and elegance, we can help you tell powerful stories without getting in the way. Let’s turn those customers into brand evangelists that power your company. We create clear paths to purchase and embrace best-in-class design principles.

You want sales, smiles, and satisfaction. We build them directly into our design. From content to design and planning, our end-to-end web design service provides simplicity and beauty at every step.

Simple, Elegant, and Expertly-Crafted

Driven By Testing

We build brand-defining digital spaces that save you
from digital extinction.

Design shouldn’t be driven by guesswork and savvy graphics. You want data. Our data-driven development process puts testing front-and-center. We’re always iterating and never guessing. Every design element is backed by user data, and every layout is created for a purpose. Anyone can make a pretty-looking website. We make sales-oriented websites that merge beauty with cold, hard truths.

Let’s move beyond “cool” and into meaningful websites that get the job done. We love to create beautiful websites. But we love to create beautiful websites that convert even more.

Driven By Testing

Built With Honesty

No fluff. No hidden fees. No B.S.

We create secure, well-designed, and beautifully developed websites, on-time and on-budget — every time. Our pricing model is 100% transparent. We ask for approval before every movement forward, and we never spring up hidden fees. At NDG, we love design, art, and storytelling, but we aren’t crazy. We measure the impact of our websites in ROI, and we always deliver experiences built to secure sales, not just hearts.

This is business-driven web design top-to-bottom. Expect beauty. Expect amazing experiences. Expect results. No hidden fees included.

Built With Honesty

Our 7-Step Design Process

  • 1. Discovery

    We're in this for the long-haul, so let's take it slow. Every design begins with the most important part: the questions. What is your company's mission, goals, and vision? What are your brand colors and aesthetic ideas? We set clear-cut goals and objectives using your brand identity and personal preferences.

  • 2. Planning

    Using your goals and objectives, we build road maps, run a competitive analysis, and create our UX, UI, and visual strategies. From omni-channel to ops, we think through every need and use thoughtful strategies to execute your design.

  • 3. Design

    We don't build anything until we have your approval. We'll present visual concepts and sketch-ups of your future website for feedback. Once we get the green light, we sprint straight into testing.

  • 4. Testing

    We distill every idea down into the perfect version of itself. From customer surveys and user testing to prototyping, visual exploration, and validation, we test each concept against each other until one remains. Welcome to the Thunderdome.

  • 5. Development

    Time for our designers tag in the developers. Our world-class developers hand-code every line until we see pixel-perfect response and unparalleled usability. This is purpose-driven, value-centric development. We don't cut corners.

  • 6. Development Testing

    During every critical stage of development, we let you explore the site on a fully-secured cloud server for feedback, analysis, and approval. You're the head honcho of this process. We're just here to help you execute. See anything you want done differently? Give the word. Our developers are equipped with an endless supply of coffee and a hunger for perfection.

  • 7. Launch

    Welcome to the future of your business. Your beautiful, functional, lead-generation machine is raring and ready to convert. Time to drive it off the lot. Don't worry! We're always here to buff out any scratches you get during your journey.

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