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Brochure & Flyer Design Services

Do you need a professional brochure design? Does your existing brochure design help you make sales?
Brochures, catalogues and booklets are important tools of any marketing campaign.
The design of a brochure or catalogue influences the buying decisions of your customers and convinces them to choose your company’s service or product over your competitors.

Brochure Design & Flyer Design Services

Is your brochure system consistent?

A well designed brochure enhances brand recognition.
The professional brochure designer has to adhere to the brand identity guidelines of your company and in cases where there are several products or services offered the designer has to design a system of brochures that will strongly communicate the company brand throughout all pieces of the brochure system.

Brochure Design  Services

How unique is your brochure?

Effective brochure design has to differentiate you positively from the competitors.

Flyer Design Services

Is it easy to read? Is information accessible?

The purpose of the professionally designed brochure is to get your potential or existing customers to fully understand the message you are trying to convey and act accordingly. A good brochure designer will do the preliminary research to fully understand your customers needs, preferences and abilities.

Brochure Design Services

Are your sales people proud of your current brochure or ashamed?

If your answer is the latter, a brochure re-design is the way to go.

image of brochure for NFP in Toronto

Is there a call to action?

Give us a call now to set up a meeting and discuss your brochure design needs at 647 271 7463 (Toronto, ON)

Take a look at some types of brochure design systems below:

  • Everlasting Brochures For Kitchen Design Companies

    Kitchen design companies that want to attract more business need a professionally designed and perfectly branded brochure.  Even in today’s society of mobile madness and web-based wish lists, smart companies appreciate the power of their brochure.  Most customers planning to spend several thousand dollars on a new kitchen will head to the kitchen design company […]
  • Can Your Business Survive without a Professional Brochure?

    By definition a brochure is a small booklet containing information and images about a product or service.  You may think that in today’s age of the internet and social media marketing that a brochure is a luxury you don’t need to invest in.  But think again.  When someone contacts you and asks for information about […]
  • Bi-Fold/Tri-Fold Brochure, Multi-Panels Brochure Design

        This type of brochure design allows more room to place your information and carries more space to communicate your visual branding. Each panel can represent the product or service that your company offers, the back panel is where the contact information and map usually goes. Cover design is very important and should make […]
  • One Pager Flyer, Post Card or 8.5×11 Design

    The quick and easy way to reach out to your customer without overwhelming them with too much information. The main challenge designing this type of brochure is to convey the message along with communicating the brand ideals all the while utilizing the very limited space that this layout offers. When you think of getting this type of […]
  • Saddle Stitch Brochure Design. Annual Reports and Catalogues.

          This category of brochure is more complex than any other and a significant amount of effort should be exerted in order to produce it. Collaboration between the client as well as the marketing researchers, graphic designers, writers and photographers is required to design an effective brochure . Below are the steps we […]
  • Corporate Presentation Folder and Inserts Design

    This is one of the most cost efficient and flexible brochure systems out there. It consists of a presentation pocket folder with business card slot and several inserts. Design of the pocket folder should communicate the brand identity of the company . The information about your company and products and services goes on the inserts. […]
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