Newly Launched – Make Colour Work in your Designs

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Used creatively within a marketing design, colour can’t help but call out to consumers – it is the first thing registered by the brain.  Every great designer understands the psychology of colour and how it can affect people’s moods and emotions.   Consequently choice of colour is critical to ensure marketing materials send out only the right messages and persuade consumers to buy.

Pantone has recently launched – a unique and affordable online subscription service dedicated to the world of colour for designers and creative industries.  Based on 75 years combined experience, Pantone and View Publications decided to create PANTONEVIEW as a one-stop source of invaluable inspiration and direction for creating colour strategies that work.

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When creating branded materials for a business, the choice of colour will dictate if the target market reacts favorably to them or not, and so has a direct bearing on resultant sales.  Colour decisions are complex and PANTONEVIEW .com provides insight into current trends in colour use across different industries in different locations. aims to help inspire designers visually by providing access to the work of talented photographers and colour experts so that they gain a much deeper understanding of the use of colour in design.  Subscribers join a community of colour specialists across the world and will receive invitations to webinars and events where they can hear all the latest news from the team and invited guests.

This inexpensive digital service is ideal for anyone in the design industry who wants key colour insights and analysis to help them stay on top of their game and to network with renowned colour experts across the globe.