Welcome To New Design Group

We are comprised of an award-winning team of enthusiastic and dedicated experts who deliver effective branding strategies for a variety of industries including small to large corporations, not-for-profit organizations and start-ups.

Meet some of our Team Members

  • Dmitri Logounov

    Dmitri Logounov


  • Jack Senett

    Jack Senett

    Vice President Branding and Creative Director

  • Elena Green

    Elena Green

    Art Director and Creative Director

  • Sadie Hunter

    Sadie Hunter

    Director of Video Marketing

  • Emily Bassett

    Emily Bassett

    Director of Social Media Marketing

  • Connor Rutledge

    Connor Rutledge

    Director of Digital Marketing

  • Sydney Huk

    Sydney Huk

    Senior management of digital marketing

  • Vladimir Denizoff

    Vladimir Denizoff

    Designer, Illustrator

  • Adrian Diaconovici

    Adrian Diaconovici

    Business Solutions Architect IT

  • Alex Tkachev

    Alex Tkachev

    Senior Manager, Web Development

  • Syuzanna Nesterova

    Syuzanna Nesterova

    Search Engine Marketing, optimization, strategy

  • Andrey Alexeev

    Andrey Alexeev

    Link building strategy, arbitration traffic

  • Igor Troshin

    Igor Troshin

    Web designer, brand specialist

  • Russel Uddin

    Russel Uddin

    Producer, Cinematographer

Why New Design Group?

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Knowledge Transfer

    We are not mercenaries but partners in your business’s mission. We take you along on your company’s digital journey & make sure you understand it.

  • One-Stop-Shop


    ou get to stay on top of everything, through a dedicated strategy executive. From planning a campaign, creating the content to promoting it, we do it all.

  • Strategic Approach

    Strategic Approach

    We execute measurable short term tactics that deliver quick results. But we make sure those tactics lead up to your business’s long term goals as well.

  • Ahead Of The Curve

    Ahead Of The Curve

    Never miss an update that can benefit your business. Our experienced team acts as your eyes & ears in the fast-moving world of digital marketing.

  • Fast & Competent

    Fast & Competent

    We are young, empowered, and work on-the-go. Exactly what your business needs right now to turn things around under short deadlines.

  • Total Transparency

    Total Transparency

    We respect your vision of the company & hence do nothing without your approval. There are absolutely no hidden costs in the process.