Digital Marketing For Investment Companies – Top Tools And Tips

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Digital marketing for investment companies is an important way to generate new business. You may have hired a digital marketing agency to work on your behalf and are delighted to see more website contact forms being submitted.

But wouldn’t it be good to really understand what aspect of your digital marketing is working for you?  And even better to fully understand any reports the agency so helpfully provide each month?

We’re sharing some great free tools and insider tips to help you better understand the strength of your online presence and which marketing techniques are driving most business your way.

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies – Top Tools And Tips

1. Alexa Ranking

The Alexa rank of a website is based on the amount of traffic it has – the lower the ranking the better.  The top websites in Canada according to Alexa are:

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

A general rule of thumb is that a ranking below 100,000 means a website has quite heavy traffic.  It’s simple to test your site, and that of your competitors.  Simple add the Alexa extension to Chrome and click on it when you visit a website.

Here’s an example for – ranking very well both worldwide and in Canada, and with 128 sites linking back to their website (an important ranking factor).

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

2. Website Loading Speed

The speed at which your website loads is a ranking factor – so the faster the better is essential.  Check and see how well your site is performing using one of the free programs, such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

You’ll receive feedback on both mobile and desktop performance with a list of recommendations for improvement – which you should discuss with your web developer without delay!

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

3. Keyword Ranking

If you’ve been using digital marketing for investment companies to try to improve your website ranking for specific keywords, see how well you are doing using the SERPs rank checker.

Pop in the keyword, the domain name and the search engine location, and you’ll get your feedback. Alternatively leave the domain name blank and see which websites rank well:

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

4. Google Analytics

Without a doubt, Google Analytics is the most important tool to use for assessing the effectiveness of digital marketing for investment companies.

You can see at a glance the summary traffic data for any given time period – sessions, users, session duration etc.

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

You can find out more about your visitors – their country/city, language, age and gender, and you can track changes in traffic over time.

There are three other important metrics to look at when assessing the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

 4.1  Conversions

 It’s imperative to measure conversions on your website.  These goals may be a simple as a contact us form submission, or the download of a guide from your site.  Once the goals are set up in Google Analytics you can monitor the number of goals completed  and the source of these completed goals eg.

  • google / organic
  • google/ cpc
  • bing /organic
  • bing / cpc
  • yahoo /organic
  • com /referral
  • com / referral
  • com /referral

plus any goals completed by visitors from referring websites.


4.2  Acquisition

Where exactly are your website visitors coming from?  The acquisition report shows exactly where.

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

  • Organic – people have typed in search words relevant to your business, then clicked on your website listing in the results
  • Paid – traffic originates from paid advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords and Paid Facebook advertising
  • Direct – people have either typed in your website URL or clicked a bookmark, or alternatively Google is unable to attribute the session to a traffic source – all of these scenarios are recorded as direct traffic
  • Social – visitors found your website by clicking on a link on social media channels
  • Referral – visitors were on another website completely which has a link to your site, and the visitors clicked on it

4.3  Queries

Another important metric to review is the search terms people are using to find your website.  Find the report at

Acquistion > Search Console > Queries  (search console data sharing needs to be enabled for this to work).

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

The report details the search query, the number of impressions and clicks, the ranking (position) that your website link appeared in the organic results listing.

Google Analytics provides extensive amounts of data regarding your digital marketing for investment companies.  By taking time to digest the information, you will understand the key metrics and where you need to improve eg.

– are most of your website visitors in the right target market with regard to age, gender and location?

– are you seeing regular conversions?

– are you acquiring traffic from all sources that you are marketing your business on?

– are people finding your website using search terms relevant to your business?

Armed with this information you can adjust your digital marketing strategy to make improvements where required.

5. Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook business page, you can easily check how effective your regular posts are by viewing the insights section.

Not does will it provide a simple statistics page – page views, page likes, engagement etc, but it provides details of the type of post which is most successful with your audience.

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

This data helps you decide what types of post to focus on in the future.

6. Twitter Analytics

If you run a Twitter account, be sure to check the Twitter Analytic section regularly.  You’ll see a nice summary section:

Digital Marketing For Investment Companies

You’ll also be able to examine the success of each and every tweet in terms of impressions and engagement, giving important information about what kinds of tweet your followers find useful.

In conclusion, whether you conduct your digital marketing for investment companies via an agency, or you have staff who do it in house, you need to understand the strength of your online presence, and which marketing approaches are working.

Only then can you adjust your strategy to make improvements where need be, to get the very best return on your investment.

If you have any comments on the above or would like assistance with your investment company digital marketing activities, please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Update 21 Oct 2023

Percentage Changes in Recent Years

It has been revealed that in 2022, the more significant percentage change was the reduction in expenses. In the upcoming year of 2023, marketers are planning to do the opposite, with a more active outlook on budget growth.

Market Issues in 2023

We have gathered and grouped the most common complaints from advertisers regarding contractors in several service areas.


The primary complaints from clients in this service are related to the organization of work. Many complain about poorly established document flows and other communication breakdowns, including issues with legal professionals requiring all subcontracting to be marked. Team changes within the project are frequent, leading to problems in task handovers. Delays in completing specific tasks and deadline breaches are also observed.

There are numerous grievances about creativity itself, with its low level and the presentation of standard solutions without seeking alternatives. Client service sometimes falls short, as managers lack proactiveness, have limited understanding of the client’s business, and fail to support projects as required. Other drawbacks mentioned include high prices, average copywriting quality, and low campaign effectiveness.

Influencer Marketing

In this category of services, clients are dissatisfied with the lack of expertise and the absence of comprehensive campaign analytics. Sometimes, the handling of channels is poorly executed, either taking too long to select them or having too many, which disperses audience attention and engagement. High costs and opaque pricing also raise complaints, and there are instances where an additional fee is charged for management. Poorly established document flow is another issue that occasionally arises.