Corporate Presentation Folder and Inserts Design

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image of presentation folder for IMSI
This is one of the most cost efficient and flexible brochure systems out there.
It consists of a presentation pocket folder with business card slot and several inserts.
Design of the pocket folder should communicate the brand identity of the company .

The information about your company and products and services goes on the inserts.
This brochure design allows your sale force to easily pick and choose what inserts should be in the sales kit for each particular meeting.

Do we need a letter from the president, company’s capabilities, manufacturing facilities showcase, detailed information on particulars, the product or service or a price-list? Get the corresponding inserts, stick them in the pocket and you are ready to wow your customer.


It is also worth mentioning that you can get the pocket folder printed in large quantities at the professional printshop and save money by printing your inserts on the office laser printer.

The difference between the regular stich-like brochure and presentation folder is that if something is changed in the line of products or services you offer there is no need to re-print the whole brochure , you re-print a one-page insert.

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