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As someone who is setting up a food orientated business, chances are that you know everything there is to know about food hygiene standards, food preparation and delivering mouth watering meals to satisfied guests.  Your objective is for people to want to buy your food, your meals or to hire your event catering services.  And to achieve this, you need a professionally developed brand...

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In a previous article , we reviewed the importance of having a strong, professional brand to promote financial advisory services, without which it is very difficult to attract new clients.  As with other financial orientated businesses, the brand identity for your life and health insurance business is the fulcrum on which everything else rests.  It speaks volumes about your company, your culture, your products...

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  There are a lot of buzz words thrown around regarding websites and internet marketing: SEO, pay-per-clicks and spam content. If you’re no expert, these words sound as if they’re from a far off, highly futuristic culture which is way beyond your reach and comprehension. But they are simply ways to improve website rankings – how well your website fares when people conduct an...

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