What We Do

Brand identity projects involve many or all the following:
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What We Offer

  • Peace of mind
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Care

Why we do it

Your organization needs branding work when:
  • You start a new business
  • You launch a new product
  • You launch a campaign
  • Competing brand identities over-shadow yours
  • Your packaging underperforms on the shelf
  • Your sales kits underperform for new or existing customers
  • Your various products and services branding is not unified

Effective Branding is our purpose and our passion. At New Design Group, our Toronto branding agency is about focusing your audiences on the strength of your values and the benefits of doing business with you. Successful branding builds relationships and encourages further investigation. It motivates buyers and promotes their loyalty.

Often, the first encounter with a brand is with its logo, its visual identity, plus a tagline – a written expression of the brand’s business, mission, even its personality. There is a lot of noise to be overcome in the battle for market attention, so it is essential that this first impression be positive, inviting, exciting. The brand is the gateway to your organization’s products, people, values, and benefits to its markets.

A brand is a unique identity that carries well past the logo and tagline stage. At New Design Group, we create and apply a consistent image to websites, packaging, marketing materials, and corporate collateral. We believe everything a company touches, makes, or communicates with should be immediately recognizable.

Branding also speaks to an organization’s own personnel. It imparts pride and a sense of belonging that encourages teamwork and quality awareness. It adds value not only to product, but to the self awareness both of the people who buy that product and of the people who bring that product to market. Effective branding, then, is a source of power, of focus, of motivation, of memories and anticipation. It is personality, character, vision, and action, distilled and sent out into the world to win.

How we do it

  1. We listen to your needs, your hopes, your strategies
  2. We hunt for the unifying thoughts from which your brand will grow
  3. We put qualified designers, developers, and writers to work on your challenges
  4. We think, we discuss, we question
  5. We create and create some more until we have the answers
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