Video and Photo Production

Video Production and Business Photography
for Marketing Ambitious Brands


Our Mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to create premium, impactful, and profitable Video Production and Business Photography by providing expert guidance throughout the entire process. We specialize in developing custom strategies that solve your problems and help you achieve your goals through decisive video production and photography sessions.

A Value Driven Experience
We bring our values to every aspect of our video production and photography processes.

And the reason for our ratings on Google is our years of experience and dedication to professionalism, while providing accountability and massive results to our clients.

Our approach is designed to bring you solutions,
peace of mind and profits.


Our Video Production services include:
  • Corporate video production
  • Promotional videos
  • Training and educational videos
  • Brand and product explainer videos
  • Social media video


Our Process

From pre-production to post-production we handle every aspect of your project with care and precision.

Understand > Script development > Shooting schedule > Shooting > Editing > Deliver

We set projects up for success with killer strategies, use a time-tested camera system that relieves all pressure for anyone on camera, and have a video review system that facilitates perfect communication between you and our team.


  • 1. Understand

    Once you accept our proposal, we begin our effort to fully understand all aspects of your company, its operations, strengths, and challenges. Our aim is to build a knowledge base that allows us to produce a brand that accurately reflects your company. We want your brand to speak to its world in positive, meaningful ways. A strong brand is one that continues to support and maintain your company’s presence in the marketplace beyond its launch.

  • 2. Synthesize

    Using what we learn in the Understand phase, we populate the categories of our brand key. The brand key is designed to Synthesize our learnings in a way that leads us to the essence – the heart — of your brand.
    – It presents the interrelationships of various company, situational, and audience aspects.
    – It focuses our knowledge on the qualities and expectations of the new brand.
    – From this synthesis of information, the brand key yields a statement about the essence – the heart — of your brand.

    From this part of our process, we begin to build:
    • Brand personality and purpose
    • Brand vision and mission
    • Design language
    • Tagline and headline possibilities
    • Brochure design, writing and editing
    • Website design and copywriting
    • Packaging labels
    • Marketing guidance
    • Digital communication
    In these stages, we work together with company personnel as part of the branding team. You and other members of your company are as involved in these two stages as we are.

  • 3. Create

    We’ve done our homework and we now know what we want to know about your company. At this stage we produce and present draft ideas and concepts. These materials are created and developed from our Understand and Synthesize stages. You see the first results of our efforts in storyboard fashion so you can judge
    how well the new identity design plays on a full line of collaterals, brochure samples, signage and promo products.

    This is our opportunity to refine concepts and ensure the new brand concepts express the company’s vision, mission and values. The team, New Design Group professionals and company personnel, confirms that they can fulfill the objectives of the project. Your approvals to proceed allow us to produce your new brand.

  • 4. Finalize

    All agreed upon materials and activities move into final form. Artwork, textual items, and digital resources are now on the final path to production. Every item receives detail additions and alterations as agreed on in the concept approvals discussion.

    This crucial stage is where the entire team takes a deep breath, sits back, and carefully reviews the process, the purpose, the ideas, the decisions, and the product of the branding effort before production time and cost is approved by you, the client.

  • 5. Deliver

    You see the results of our Finalize stage in a final storyboard presentation. Your approvals allow us to move your brand toward its Launch phase. Production begins and planned activities commence.
    – Your organization may want to handle final production of materials, or NDG can take care of final production, engaging our many top-quality suppliers.
    – New Design Group prepares print materials such as business stationary for reproduction and distribution within your company.
    – NDG readies your website and takes it online.
    – Planned marketing and awareness activities begin.
    – NDG can supervise any part or all of the launch activities

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