UI/UX Design

How does UI/UX Design work for your website?

With so many choices, customers have become very selective with who they buy their goods from. That’s why companies switched to the customer-centric business model whose end goal is to deliver a smooth and entertaining experience all while keeping it easy, short and focused. Too many clicks eat time that consumers don’t have. A heavy, complex flow will drive your potential client away from your website.


That’s where UI (user interface design) and UX (user experience design) come into play. UX is the technical side aiming to improve usability, navigation and users’ flow. It involves a lot of consumer psychology and sociology.

On the other hand, UI is responsible for the graphic design that ends with an easy and pleasant to the eye aesthetic, as well as intuitive functionalities. Both aspects work closely together to enhance the user’s experiences and are conducive to conversions.

How does UI/UX Design help your website?

Increased customer loyalty
Key to achieving client loyalty is to offer them personalized experiences crafted to their individual needs and behavior patterns. That’s why UX is rather anchored in deep research on your buyer personas’ psychology and to gather accurate insights on how your particular audience interact when they’re on the lookout for products like yours. Consequently, UI follows the lead. First, it’s UX, then UI.

Brand consistency
Besides an engaging and personalized user experience, you need to make sure that your visitors always know who they are interacting with. That’s why it’s important to have a well-defined brand identity that potential customers can relate to and spot among your competitors. Along with the UI’s aesthetic elements, the way your brand interacts with them, the UX’s user flow is part of that identity.

Higher converions rates
Good user experience efficiently navigates potential customers through the buying process in an interactive and intuitive way to their predermined target. Users receive the right information at the right time, ensuring a clear, smooth, logical flow that will help keep them on track. Thus, UX and UI help to engage visitors from the very beginning of their journey with you, avoid losing them down the road and reduce checkout abandoment rate, ending with increased sales.

When should you reach out to a UI/UX Design agency?

You can always invest in improving your user’s experience on your website, but you’ll likely want to reach out to an UX/UI design company when:

  • Your visitors complain about their current experience being too complex.
  • You notice that customers leave your site without making a purchase due to poor and unclear experience design and flow.
  • You are not satisfied with your website’s KPIs
  • You receive feedback from your customers that they’re not pleased with your current website design.

Why choose New Design Group?

With over a decade of experience, our Toronto-based team can help you set a unique and customized user experience for your website visitors or app users. We delve deep into understanding your buyers and how they interact with you to deliver a sleek user flow that makes sense, looks and feels good, is easy to use and engages customers from the moment they “set foot” in your website or app until they leave. We’ll give them what they need to return.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can improve your website or app user experience, contact our UI/UX design firm. We’re eager to discuss your business ideas!


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