Graphic design for Import/Export Industry. Web Development.




The trick to successful graphic design or branding of Import/Export companies is to understand the cultural differences of the country’s population.
What is acceptable and revered in one country may be tacky and sometimes offensive in another.

logo sample for import-export company
GTH, import/export, subsidiary of Reuven International Limited, a Canadian corporation.


Many factors are in place, such as history, linguistics, religion, and slang.

We take the government provided statistics into careful consideration and also take some time to tap into the culture, especially the shopping culture of the targeted region.

Logo and website for the company that works with the Cuban Government:
website design screenshot for travel agency in Caribbean


Logo and website for International fish trader brand identity:

screenshot of Selected foods fish trader website

Brand Identity for Ice-Cream Shop in Panama: 

YUMMY panamian shop design by NDG.

design for ice cream shop interior photo