Integrity ProCloud Branding and Web Development

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Integrity Canada Inc.


Integrity ProCloud


IT and Technology


Umbrella Company Corporate Identity
Brand Identity System for Integrity Group of Companies
Naming Integrity ProCloud, Integrity ProStaffing, Integrity ProMobile
Tagline and Headlines Development
Copy Writing
Marketing Materials Design
Power Point Presentations
Proposals Template
Corporate Presentation Folders
Website Design
Assessment Digital Tools

Client Overview: Integrity ProCloud, established in 1999, has carved out a niche in the IT industry by offering robust cloud architecture and transformation solutions. Their mission is to harness the power of cloud computing to deliver agility, reliability, and security for their clients’ IT infrastructures.

Challenge: The challenge was to create a cohesive brand identity and digital presence that conveyed Integrity ProCloud’s expertise and reputation in cloud solutions. The brand needed to appeal to both enterprise-level clients and SMBs, showcasing a balance of technical prowess and approachable professionalism.

Solution: New Design Group crafted a comprehensive branding suite that included:

  • Logo Design: We developed a logo that combined modern aesthetics with a sense of stability and innovation. The design used a blue and grey color palette, resonating with themes of professionalism, trust, and technological sophistication.
  • Website Development: The website was structured to be user-centric, with intuitive navigation that guided visitors through Integrity ProCloud’s services. We ensured the site was informative and showcased the company’s expertise in cloud transformations.
  • Marketing Materials: From business cards to digital marketing collateral, each piece was designed to be visually aligned with the brand’s identity. The materials communicated the brand’s key message, “Discover the Potential Evolve with Technology”, engagingly and persuasively.


  • Visual Identity: Our design team worked closely with Integrity ProCloud to encapsulate their ethos of innovation. The logos featured dynamic elements that suggested connectivity and cloud integration, aligning with the company’s forward-thinking approach to cloud solutions.
  • Web Presence: The website was crafted to serve as a hub for information and engagement. It was optimized for performance and search engines, ensuring that Integrity ProCloud’s solutions were visible and accessible to potential clients.
  • Collateral Consistency: All marketing materials were consistent in style and message, reinforcing the brand identity at every touchpoint.

Results: The rebranding and web development efforts by New Design Group led to a significant increase in brand recognition for Integrity ProCloud. The cohesive branding across all platforms resulted in a professional and trustworthy image that appealed to their target market. The enhanced web presence improved user engagement and contributed to an increase in lead generation and customer acquisition.

Conclusion: New Design Group’s strategic branding and design solutions provided Integrity ProCloud with the tools to effectively communicate their value proposition and stand out in the competitive IT cloud solutions market. The case study demonstrates our ability to transform a company’s digital footprint and branding to reflect their industry-leading status.

Project Reflection: This project showcased New Design Group’s commitment to creating a brand experience that not only resonates with the client’s vision but also drives business results. Through strategic design and thoughtful implementation, we helped Integrity ProCloud achieve a new level of brand excellence.