Website Design


What the client said

  • The company is happy with the website, which is accessible, clean, and user-friendly. New Design Group Inc. has done a great job. They manage the project well by being responsive to the client’s needs at any time of the day. Overall, the team has successfully earned the firm’s trust and confidence.

Project Overview

For Urbana Corporation, New Design Group developed a comprehensive web design that reflects Urbana’s professional ethos and strategic focus in investment. The website effectively showcases Urbana’s investment philosophy, areas of focus, and the advantages of their long-term asset growth strategy. It includes detailed sections on their investment approach, portfolio management, and corporate insights to provide both current and prospective investors with valuable information about the company’s operations and goals. This design enhances user experience and engagement through a clean, accessible interface that facilitates easy navigation and information retrieval.

Our client / Urbana Corporation

Urbana Corporation is a diversified investment firm based in Toronto, specializing in a mix of public and private investments aimed at long-term asset growth. The firm prides itself on its flexible and strategic investment approach, leveraging a permanent capital base to explore a variety of opportunities beyond traditional public markets.

Urbana focuses on delivering substantial returns by cultivating strength in strategic positioning and capitalizing on unique market opportunities.

“We  want a website that’s accessible, especially for those that have trouble seeing; we’ve required an accessibility option for the text to get bigger. The site should also look clean; people should be able to navigate through the menu bar easily. With all these in mind, New Design has done well.”


Our Challenge

Creating a robust online presence for Urbana Corporation was a significant challenge due to the need to communicate complex investment strategies and opportunities effectively. The key was to design a website that not only educates but also engages diverse stakeholders, from seasoned investors to newcomers in the finance industry. This required a delicate balance between detailed financial content and accessible, user-friendly navigation to ensure the website serves as a valuable resource for understanding Urbana’s unique investment approach.

The Process

The development of Urbana Corporation’s website began with a deep understanding of the company’s investment philosophy and market approach. We conducted thorough research to tailor the design that reflects Urbana’s sophistication and strategic focus. Collaborative planning sessions were held to define key elements and functionalities that align with the financial industry’s standards. The implementation phase focused on integrating advanced features for data presentation and user interaction, ensuring a seamless and informative user experience that supports Urbana’s business objectives.


Our Solution

To effectively showcase Urbana Corporation’s investment ethos, we crafted a streamlined and sophisticated web design.

Our solution emphasizes clarity and ease of navigation to ensure that both prospective and current investors can effortlessly access and understand detailed information about Urbana’s investment strategies. We integrated interactive elements and real-time data features to enhance user engagement and provided a secure platform for stakeholders to explore Urbana’s insights and opportunities.

The result is a professional website that reflects Urbana’s industry leadership and commitment to transparency.