Website Design


What the client said

  • We brought New Design Group Inc. to design, develop, and host a WordPress website for us. We’ve since worked with them again to update the site’s design to reflect our new business model and logo and implement additional functionality into the site. They were very helpful in helping us figure out how to best present our new model and brand through the site’s design.

Project Overview

For Staffworks, New Design Group crafted a dynamic and engaging website designed to streamline the job search and recruitment process. This web design project focused on enhancing the user experience for both job seekers and employers. The site features intuitive navigation and a clean, professional layout that effectively presents the various services offered by Staffworks, such as temporary staffing, permanent placements, and specialized HR services. The design also incorporates advanced functionalities like job alerts, candidate and employer portals, and a resource blog to assist users throughout their employment or hiring journeys.

Our client / staffworkscanada

Staffworks is a leading employment agency based in Canada, specializing in providing comprehensive staffing solutions across various industries. Their services include temporary staffing, permanent placement, and specialized HR services designed to streamline the recruitment process for both job seekers and employers.

Staffworks is dedicated to connecting skilled candidates with suitable job opportunities, ensuring a perfect match that benefits both parties.

What did you find most impressive about NDG?

“I’m most impressed with New Design Group Inc.’s high-quality work and clear communication, which makes it incredibly easy to work with them.”


Our Challenge

The main challenge in developing the Staffworks website was to create a user-centric platform that caters effectively to two distinct user groups: job seekers and employers. The goal was to design a highly functional, easy-to-navigate site that simplifies the job search and application process, while also providing robust tools for employers to manage job postings and candidate searches efficiently. This required a careful balance of functionality and design to ensure an intuitive user experience for all visitors.

The Process

To address the challenge of creating a dual-focused platform for Staffworks, our approach began with extensive user research to understand the specific needs of both job seekers and employers. We mapped out user journeys for each group, which guided the architectural design of the website. Our development phase emphasized responsive design and robust backend functionalities to support a seamless job posting and application experience. Throughout the process, we prioritized clear communication and iterative feedback to ensure the final product met all user expectations and business requirements.


Our Solution

For Staffworks, we developed a robust and intuitive website that enhances both the job-seeking and hiring experiences. Our solution included advanced search tools, personalized job alerts, and an easy-to-use interface for uploading resumes and managing applications. For employers, we integrated a streamlined dashboard for tracking job postings and applications, along with analytical tools to optimize their recruitment processes.


The result is a cohesive platform that facilitates efficient and effective connections between job seekers and employers.