The Black and White Ribbon Campaign – A Legacy of Hope

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Smoke-Free Ontario, including The Lung Association


Public Health, Nonprofit Advocacy

Smoke-Free Ontario required a compelling campaign to honor Heather Crowe’s legacy, a non-smoking waitress who tragically developed lung cancer from second-hand smoke exposure. The challenge was to create a campaign that would not only celebrate Heather’s contributions to anti-tobacco advocacy but also encourage public participation and awareness about the dangers of tobacco.

New Design Group was tasked with creating a multifaceted campaign to galvanize public support and continue Heather’s advocacy work:

  • Campaign Branding: We developed the “Black & White Ribbon Campaign” as a symbol of the fight against tobacco and a beacon of hope. The ribbon served as a visual pledge for individuals to carry Heather’s message of hope and advocacy for a smoke-free environment.
  • Marketing Material: To support the campaign, we produced a range of marketing materials, including promotional posters, informational pamphlets, and a dedicated website. Each piece carried the black and white ribbon symbol and Heather’s compelling story to ensure her message resonated with a broad audience.
  • Web Presence: A robust website was created to serve as the campaign’s digital hub. It provided resources, a community engagement platform, and a central point for advocacy actions, such as pledging support and making donations to the Lung Association in Heather’s honor.
  • Print Materials: To reach a wider audience, we designed and distributed physical materials, which included detailed information on how the public could participate in the campaign and support the cause, with all proceeds going towards lung health initiatives.

The Black and White Ribbon Campaign successfully raised awareness and garnered widespread support across Canada. The campaign materials, with their poignant branding and messaging, played a critical role in amplifying the reach of Smoke-Free Ontario’s initiatives. The campaign’s success was measured not just in the funds raised but also in the heightened public discourse on the impact of second-hand smoke, reflecting Heather Crowe’s enduring impact on public health policy​​​​​​​​.

The campaign’s effectiveness in raising awareness and changing behavior contributed to Heather Crowe’s legacy, leading to the establishment of the Heather Crowe Smoke-Free Ontario Award, which recognizes individuals who have significantly contributed to the anti-smoking movement in Ontario​​​​. Heather’s story and the campaign inspired many, sustaining her advocacy and keeping her message of hope alive​​.