Themed Packaging for Moroccan Tangerine Importer

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Moroccan Tangerine Importer


Food Import and Distribution

Project Description:
A company specializing in the importation of Moroccan tangerines into Canada approached New Design Group with the task of creating an eye-catching and culturally reflective packaging label for their tangerine boxes.

The challenge was to design packaging that would stand out in the competitive Canadian produce market. It needed to celebrate the Moroccan heritage of the product while also appealing to Canadian consumers. The packaging had to be not only visually appealing but also informative, displaying the necessary product details and barcodes for retail sale.

To address this challenge, New Design Group developed a multifaceted approach:

  1. Cultural Theme: Inspired by the vibrant culture of Morocco, the packaging featured elements such as silhouettes of Moroccan architecture and traditional attire, providing a window into the origin of the product.
  2. Character Design: A lively character was incorporated into the label design to personify the freshness and quality of the tangerines. This character added a friendly and approachable element to the packaging.
  3. Color Scheme: We chose a vivid color palette that reflects the zest and flavor of the tangerines, as well as the lively spirit of Moroccan markets.
  4. Information Layout: Essential information, including the product origin, company contact details, and barcodes, was strategically placed to ensure visibility without compromising the overall design aesthetic.
  5. Material Selection: The label material was selected for durability and print quality, ensuring the packaging would maintain its appearance through transportation and display.

The result was a beautifully themed packaging label that captured the essence of Moroccan tangerines and distinguished the product on Canadian shelves. The new design succeeded in attracting attention from both retailers and consumers, leading to increased brand recognition and consumer interest.

The packaging effectively communicated the quality and heritage of the tangerines, resonating with consumers’ desire for exotic and authentic products. The use of culturally inspired graphics and a bright, inviting color scheme helped to elevate the product’s shelf appeal, resulting in positive feedback from the client and an enhanced market presence.