Enviro Mushrooms Brand and Packaging Redesign Case Study

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Enviro Mushrooms, a Canadian-based organic mushroom producer, sought to update its brand image and packaging design to appeal to both Canadian and US markets. Our agency was tasked with developing a fresh logo and packaging that communicated the product’s organic quality and freshness.


Enviro Mushrooms is known for its high-quality, organic specialty mushrooms. Operating within a competitive market, the brand needed to convey its commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices, differentiating itself from competitors.


The dual challenge was to create a logo that would resonate across different cultural contexts while ensuring the packaging design met varying market standards and consumer expectations in Canada and the US.


Logo Redesign

  • Research: We began with market research to understand trends in the organic food sector and the visual preferences of target demographics in both countries.
  • Conceptualization: Our team brainstormed concepts that would represent freshness, organic quality, and the natural environment.
  • Design Evolution: Several iterations were developed, focusing on incorporating elements like the Canadian maple leaf to signify the brand’s origin and a green color palette to represent organic and eco-friendly values.

Packaging Design

  • Market Requirements: We analyzed the legal and cultural requirements for packaging in both the Canadian and US markets.
  • Information Architecture: Essential information like certifications, weight, and product variety were strategically placed for clarity and compliance.
  • Visual Elements: The use of high-quality images of the mushrooms and a clean design aimed to convey the product’s premium quality and organic nature.


The rebranded logo presents a modern and organic feel, with a prominent maple leaf symbolizing the brand’s Canadian roots and commitment to natural products. The packaging for both markets features a clean, white background with images of the mushrooms, clear labeling, and distinct organic certification logos, ensuring immediate recognition of the product’s quality.


The new branding and packaging have been well-received, leading to increased shelf presence and consumer interest. Retailers reported a positive response to the new design, and Enviro Mushrooms experienced an uptick in sales following the launch.


The Enviro Mushrooms rebranding and packaging project illustrates the effectiveness of strategic design in communicating brand values and meeting cross-border market demands. The case study highlights our agency’s ability to deliver designs that resonate with consumers and stand out in a crowded marketplace.