Munchkin LATCH Bottle Promotion Advert Design

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Executive Summary: Munchkin, renowned for its innovative baby products, launched the LATCH feeding bottle with the aim to simulate the breastfeeding experience. Needing quick turnaround for a promotional campaign in collaboration with Babies ‘R’ Us, Munchkin engaged NewDesignGroup for their external graphic design expertise.

Challenge: The challenge was to swiftly create an advert that would resonate with both Munchkin’s and Babies ‘R’ Us’s brand identities, effectively showcasing the LATCH bottle’s unique benefits while maintaining consistency with existing marketing materials.

Solution: NewDesignGroup crafted an advert that was coherent with the branding of both Munchkin and Babies ‘R’ Us. The design prominently featured the LATCH bottle and highlighted its special attributes, such as the anti-colic valve and the teat design that mimics the breastfeeding process, aiming to provide a natural latch and easy transition between breast and bottle.

Outcome: The final advert met Munchkin’s expectations for brand identity preservation and swift execution. The collaboration with NewDesignGroup was deemed a success, fulfilling the rapid turnaround requirement and contributing to the effective promotion of the LATCH bottle.

Munchkin expressed satisfaction with the professionalism and efficiency of NewDesignGroup, marking the project as a triumph in rapid, brand-aligned advertisement design.