Non Smokers Rights Association. Campaign Brochures Design. Case Study.

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Non-Smokers’ Rights Association






Brochure Design
Print Preparation

The Objective:  We had been working with the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association for 6+ years on many projects when they came to us looking for a new brochure; one that that would create awareness among youth involved in health organizations across Canada.  For the past 30 years, the NSRA was determined to change the tobacco industry’s behavior and knew the way to do that was to help young Canadians understand Big Tobacco marketing and put an end to the appeal for new recruits.


The Challenge:  It has been awhile since we were youths ourselves, so we had to dig deep and think of a way to ensure this brochure would be visually appealing to youth.  How do you make sure the Canadian youth pick up this brochure and leaf through it to get to the content?  When the topics to discuss can be quite hard hitting and graphic, how do we make sure to highlight the issues in a way that brings awareness and not resistance?


The Solution: We came up with several concepts for the cover, as this brochure was sure to be judged by its cover.  Along with the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association, we decided on a cover that triggered thoughts of a crime scene drama.  We produced 72 of striking and straight to the point pages which proved to be a great success amongst health related youth organizations across Ontario and Canada.  With the plethora of interesting images and attention grabbing headlines, the brochure was seen as an accomplishment by many youth delegates and health officials.