Gymalaya’s Brand Identity and Marketing Strategy

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Children's Fitness and Recreation

Project Description:
New Design Group was commissioned to create a comprehensive brand identity and digital presence for Gymalaya, a children’s gymnastics center. Originating from Vaughan, Gymalaya expanded into a larger company, necessitating a cohesive and appealing brand image to resonate across all its locations.

Gymalaya needed a brand identity that was not only fun and engaging for kids but also conveyed trust and professionalism to parents. The brand had to illustrate the dynamic and diverse range of activities offered at Gymalaya, encouraging children to participate in different gymnastics classes.

Our creative approach involved several key elements:

  1. Mascot Creation: We developed a playful and versatile mascot, a bear character, designed to perform a variety of gymnastics moves, each representing the different classes offered at Gymalaya.
  2. Logo Design: The Gymalaya logo was crafted to be colorful, dynamic, and reflective of the mascot’s playful nature, ensuring brand consistency and recognition.
  3. Website Design: We designed an interactive and user-friendly website that serves as a virtual gateway to Gymalaya’s world, providing information about classes, parties, and camps, while showcasing the brand’s vibrant character.
  4. Marketing Materials: A range of marketing materials, including flyers and brochures, was produced to support Gymalaya’s services, featuring the mascot engaging in various activities to attract and retain the young audience and their parents.

The branding and marketing efforts by New Design Group successfully captured the essence of Gymalaya, leading to a recognizable and beloved brand within the community. The mascot became a symbol of Gymalaya’s fun and educational approach to children’s gymnastics, and the marketing materials effectively communicated the variety of programs available.

The project reinforced Gymalaya’s position as a leading provider of children’s gymnastics, with a strong visual identity that supports its growth and fosters a lasting connection with its audience. Gymalaya’s brand now reflects its commitment to nurturing young talent in a fun-filled environment, inviting families to join the Gymalaya community across its various locations​​​​.