Comfort Tour Canada Branding and Web Design Case Study

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Comfort Travel Inc.


Comfort Tours Canada


Tourism & Destinations


Web development


Comfort Tour Canada, a travel company specializing in comfortable and comprehensive tour experiences, required a logo redesign and a revamped online booking system to enhance their market presence and customer convenience.


The primary goal was to develop a visually appealing brand identity that would be reflected across all platforms, including their fleet of buses, and to create a user-friendly online booking system integrated within their website.



  • Research: We started with market research to understand the travel industry trends and customer expectations from a tour service.
  • Concept Development: Based on the insights, we conceptualized a logo that would encapsulate the essence of comfortable and hassle-free travel.
  • Design: The logo design featured a bus and a plane encircled by a swoosh, symbolizing the seamless travel experience offered by Comfort Tour Canada.

Web Design and Booking System

  • User Experience (UX): A UX strategy was formulated to ensure the booking system was intuitive and accessible for users of all ages and tech proficiency.
  • User Interface (UI): The UI design focused on incorporating the new logo’s color scheme and visual elements to provide brand consistency.
  • Development: The booking system was developed with a focus on ease of navigation, real-time availability updates, secure payment gateways, and confirmation notifications.


Logo Implementation

  • Bus Wrapping: The new logo was adapted for the buses, ensuring high visibility and brand recall.
  • Branding Materials: Design guidelines were created for consistent application across various materials, including business cards, brochures, and promotional items.

Website and Booking System

  • Website Revamp: The website was overhauled to match the new branding, with a clean layout and easy-to-read typography.
  • Booking System Integration: The booking system was seamlessly integrated, tested for user experience, and optimized for speed and reliability.


  • Brand Recognition: The new branding on buses led to increased brand recognition and customer inquiries.
  • Booking System Efficiency: The booking system’s ease of use led to a significant increase in online bookings and reduced administrative workload for staff.
  • Customer Satisfaction: User feedback highlighted appreciation for the ease of booking and the refreshing look of the website.


The project for Comfort Tour Canada demonstrates the impact of cohesive branding and a user-centric online booking system. The case study exemplifies how strategic design and technology implementation can elevate a brand and streamline business operations.

From the client

We at Comfort Tour Canada have been using the services of New Design Group for 11 years now. We have always counted and relied on the professionalism and swift turnaround of all our projects. We are mostly impressed with the talent and creative ideas on the design and booking engine.

We would definitely recommend New Design group to anyone looking to build or upgrade their website.


Al Qanun