Graphic Design for Boyden’s “Worldwise” Leadership Campaign

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Boyden Global Executive Search


Executive Search and Leadership Advisory

Project Description:
New Design Group was commissioned to provide graphic design services for Boyden’s advertising campaign, as part of their newly evolved brand identity which emphasizes their “worldwise” approach to global executive search.

Boyden needed to visually convey their brand’s core differentiator — a global understanding of leadership tailored to multicultural markets. The graphic design had to resonate with a high-caliber audience, reflecting Boyden’s commitment to collaborative, insightful, and results-oriented executive search.

Our creative team focused on the following deliverables:

  • Visual Branding: Leveraging Boyden’s new brand theme, “The Right Leadership. Worldwise.”, we developed a series of sophisticated and clean graphic designs that articulated this message across various marketing platforms.
  • Advertising Creatives: We created engaging visuals for print and digital advertising materials that showcased Boyden’s expertise in connecting top-tier leadership with global companies.
  • Design Consistency: We ensured that the visual style was consistent with Boyden’s enhanced corporate identity, including their new logo and branding elements, to maintain brand coherence across all channels.

The graphic design elements provided by New Design Group successfully supported Boyden’s advertising campaign, enhancing the firm’s rebranded image as a leader in global executive search. The designs effectively communicated Boyden’s “worldwise” positioning, helping the firm attract the right executive talent and solidify relationships with global organizations seeking exceptional leaders.

The collaboration resulted in a visually compelling campaign that aligned with Boyden’s heritage of over 70 years in the industry, while also projecting a modern, dynamic, and global outlook​​. The design work played a crucial role in the overall success of Boyden’s brand evolution, enabling the firm to articulate its unique approach to executive search through powerful and consistent imagery.