Brand and Web Presence Development

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Real Estate


Corporate Identity Re-Design

Executive Summary:, an ambitious startup in the competitive real estate market, sought to establish a strong online presence. They approached NewDesignGroup with a clear objective: to create a distinctive brand identity and a user-friendly website interface that would set them apart in the bustling Toronto apartment rental scene.

Challenge: As a newcomer to the industry, needed to break through the noise of established competitors. They required a brand identity that would resonate with the urban Toronto demographic and a website that offered a seamless user experience to facilitate apartment searches.

Solution: Our team at NewDesignGroup undertook comprehensive market research to understand the target audience and the competitive landscape. The resulting brand logo, characterized by minimalist architecture-inspired iconography, encapsulated the essence of Toronto’s skyline while symbolizing the simplicity and efficiency of the service.

For the website, we designed a clean, intuitive interface that prioritized ease of navigation. Emphasizing functionality, the website’s layout was structured to deliver quick search results and featured high-quality images to showcase properties effectively.

Outcome: The new logo and website were instrumental in establishing’s brand identity. The user-centric design led to an enhanced online experience, reflected in increased traffic and user engagement. The startup successfully carved out its niche, evidenced by its growing user base and recognition in the Toronto rental community.

Conclusion: The collaboration between and NewDesignGroup resulted in a cohesive brand strategy and an online platform that delivered tangible business results. Through thoughtful design and a user-focused approach, we provided a solid foundation for to thrive in the competitive real estate market.