Tannery Creek Systems – Comprehensive Brand Identity and Product Line Design

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Tannery Creek Systems Inc.






Corporate Identity Re-Design
Product Identities Design (AutoChalk)
Website re-skin

Executive Summary: Tannery Creek Systems Inc., a pioneer in automated parking enforcement solutions, engaged NewDesignGroup for a holistic branding overhaul. The goal was to create a strong, cohesive brand identity that would reflect their cutting-edge autoChalk technology and apply it across a suite of products and marketing materials.

Challenge:The challenge was to transition Tannery Creek Systems from a company with a product to a branded house, where the master brand’s identity would be infused into each sub-brand or product line, ensuring consistency and brand recognition across various platforms.

Solution: NewDesignGroup embarked on a meticulous design process, starting with the logo that encapsulates the core values of Tannery Creek Systems and the innovative essence of their autoChalk technology. The logo’s design was then adapted and extended into a logo system for the product lines, ensuring that each sub-brand was distinguishably part of the Tannery Creek family yet maintained its unique identity.

The design ethos was carried through to the website, where user experience was paramount, reflecting the simplicity and efficiency of the autoChalk system. Marketing materials including business cards, brochures, and trade show booths were developed to convey the brand’s message coherently and effectively.

Outcome: The strategic branding approach adopted by NewDesignGroup successfully positioned Tannery Creek Systems as a branded house. The seamless integration of the master brand into product lines such as autoChalk Compact, Mobile, Office, Parkade, and Handheld resonated with the market and was critical in reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in the industry.

The website and marketing materials designed by NewDesignGroup were instrumental in enhancing the company’s professional image and facilitated an increase in customer engagement and business inquiries.

Conclusion: NewDesignGroup’s comprehensive branding strategy for Tannery Creek Systems exemplified a successful transition to a branded house model. The project’s success is evident in the enhanced market presence of the autoChalk product line and the strengthened overall brand equity of Tannery Creek Systems​