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Started in 1995, was previously known as The company has evolved into one of Canada’s largest apartment rental sites, with thousands of people a day from almost every country in the world visiting their website looking for a place to rent.

Being a symbolic sign, the logo is the one of the most important parts of a company. It should combine lots of magic ingredients of success: pure shapes and colors as well as the overall image being both original and meaningful.

A designer assigned to create the logo gets a very responsible job and has to get through lots of ideas and updates before the creation of the final version satisfying the customer.

Toronto Rentals will get their clients’ units rented for much less than print advertising by putting together a “Photo Tour” that will allow renters to walk through the apartment units on the Internet.

They invest to rank higher and more often on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN.

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