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  • Name, logo, tagline
  • Brand communication guide
  • Brand voice copywriting
  • Product packaging design
  • Website Design

Project Overview

Designing a distinctive product package was part of our overall branding project for NECESO that included a clear corporate identity from logo to marketing materials, and product packaging to website. We also produced a brand manual to ensure the NECESO brand maintained its integrity.

Our client / Neceso

At the heart of the NECESO story is the founders’ love for their feline companions. The idea to develop the NECESO dustless cat litter emerged from their ongoing search for the highest quality products to keep their pets healthy and happy. They had already collected a long list of the best, most effective and durable cat products and supplies available.

However, they had yet to find a cat litter that pleased their cats and met their own household needs. They wanted litter that featured: Super absorbency; Fast clumping; Dust free and pet safe; Low tracking; Flushable and garden safe.

They realized cat parents everywhere share these concerns for quality and functionality. So NECESO grew not only from a love of animals, but also from respect for all humans who love and care for them.

More and more people are welcoming pets into their homes for loving companionship and enjoyment. To the originators of NECESO, each one is a special kind of human who cherishes connection with their animals.

“We are proud of our NECESO Dustless Tofu Cat Litter because we care about the health and needs of all pet cats. We are proud that we can help them live enjoyable lives because that is what they do for their humans.”


Our Challenge

Profitability is the business challenge for this company taking its first steps as a manufacturer. But success in any margin-conscious consumer goods industry depends on delivering clear messaging backed by strong brand personality.

Even a store shelf is a noisy communication environment. A strong brand on the package puts life into the product statements that need to be there. It unifies and amplifies the company’s messages.

Effective branding differentiates companies from their competitors. Our primary branding challenge was to create a brand that would be known, recognizable and attractive in the huge pet supply marketplace.

The Process

Simply being louder than our client’s competition would not yield the necessary consumer awareness. Instead, we found the key emotional concept in the company’s culture of sincere love and personal care for pets and their people.

Every creative decision flowed through that filter. The name was chosen for its rhythm, brevity, and easy pronunciation. The logo reminds people of how good their cats make them feel. Package design imparts the natural health benefits of the product, presented by the company founder’s own pet, “ Nacha”, instead of a stock photo. The tagline is a clear benefit statement with a touch of humour. Text is informal and warm.


Our Solution

Our client and our team worked together, focusing our efforts on developing the core visual and copy concepts and then translating them to the product package.

Simply being louder than our client’s competition would not instil the necessary consumer awareness. Instead, we found the key emotional concept in the company’s culture of sincere love and personal care for pets and their people. Every creative decision flowed through that filter.

The logo, copy, and package were designed to remind people of how good their cats make them feel. The tagline is a clear benefit statement, with a touch of humour. Text is informal and warm. We highlighted all benefit statements with icons. All instructions are written in plain language. We added quotations about cats by famous people to carry a little more fun and to indicate that our customers were in good company.

Store shelves are noisy communication environments. Strong graphics on the package puts life into the product statements and required information that need to be there. But if a busy consumer only sees the cat and reads the tagline, they understand the company’s messages of love and health.

Our clients are very pleased with the way New Design Group gave their company a unique look, a welcoming “feel”, and a memorable presence in the marketplace. In other words, they believe in their brand.