Fru-V Smoothie Brand Identity and Marketing Campaign

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Fru-V Smoothies


Food Manufacturing


Verbal Branding and Writing
Brand Identity Design
Packaging Development
Website Development


Challenge: A Toronto-based startup, Fru-V Smoothies, emerged from a local woman’s passion for healthy, nutritious smoothies. It started as a family affair, with homemade recipes enjoyed by her children, and gradually blossomed into a business vision. Our challenge was to craft a corporate and product identity that would stand out in the competitive health food market, differentiate various smoothie offerings, and ultimately pave the way for entry into major retailers.

Solution: Our approach with NewDesignGroup was holistic, encompassing brand identity development and a multi-faceted marketing strategy. We focused on capturing the essence of Fru-V’s origins—fresh, organic, and family-centered—while infusing modern and appealing visuals to entice a broad consumer base.

Brand and Product Identity

Our design team created a vibrant logo that reflects Fru-V’s commitment to natural ingredients and a zest for life. The color palette was carefully chosen to represent the freshness and variety of the ingredients, while the typography conveys a friendly and approachable brand.

For product differentiation, we developed a series of unique identities for each smoothie type. This involved distinctive color-coding and imagery that not only helped consumers identify their preferred choice quickly but also added shelf appeal.

Marketing Collateral

The versatility of the brand was showcased through an array of marketing materials, including posters, flyers, and brochures. Each piece was designed to be visually cohesive with the overarching brand identity, ensuring recognition and familiarity among consumers.

Presentation Style

To help Fru-V visualize the brand in a real-world context before production, we brought presentations into their office using storyboards. This allowed for a tangible and immersive review of how the brand and product lines would appear in retail environments, ensuring alignment with the client’s vision.

Digital Presence

The website design was crucial in narrating the brand story and showcasing the product range. It features a clean, navigable layout, with vivid imagery and compelling copy that emphasizes the health benefits of Fru-V smoothies. We ensured the site was optimized for search engines, with targeted keywords woven into the narrative to capture organic traffic.

Result: The comprehensive branding and marketing effort culminated in Fru-V’s successful penetration into major retail chains, including Longo’s. The carefully crafted brand identity resonated with consumers and retailers alike, leading to significant market traction. Ultimately, the founder sold the business, a testament to the brand’s strength and market position.

Conclusion: The Fru-V case represents a triumph of strategic branding and marketing in transforming a homegrown idea into a commercial success. At NewDesignGroup, we take pride in being part of this journey, reflecting our commitment to bringing entrepreneurial visions to life.