Design and Production of Health Awareness Brochures

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Smoke-Free Ontario, The Lung Association, Ministry of Health of Ontario


Asthma in Children




Brochure Design
Print Prep

Objective: To design and produce an informative and engaging brochure series promoting health awareness, specifically targeting asthma management, the impacts of smoking on children, and smoking cessation.

Background: The joint venture between Smoke-Free Ontario, The Lung Association, and the Ministry of Health of Ontario aimed to disseminate crucial health information to the Ontario community.


  • Design Concept: The design needed to be clear, compelling, and resonate with a diverse audience. It was important to use imagery and colors that conveyed a positive and hopeful message.
  • Content Layout: Information was presented in an easy-to-read format, incorporating bullet points and structured headers to guide readers through the content.
  • Print Preparation: The files were meticulously prepared for print, ensuring that the colors, formatting, and quality would remain consistent and high-quality in physical form.


  • Simplifying complex medical information into an accessible format.
  • Designing a brochure that would appeal to both adults and children.


  • Collaborating with health professionals to distill information into key takeaways.
  • Using vibrant images and colors to draw attention and encourage reading.

Outcome: The brochures were successfully distributed and received positive feedback for their informative and user-friendly design. They served as a valuable resource in community health centers, schools, and clinics.

Conclusion: This project illustrated the power of well-designed informational material in public health initiatives and the importance of clear communication in promoting societal well-being.