“Yes I Can!” Nursery School Branding and Outreach

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"Yes I Can!" Nursery School, Midtown Toronto




Brand Identity design
Characters Development
Promotional Materials Design
Website Development

Objective: To craft a comprehensive branding strategy, including a logo, mascot, website, and printed materials for “Yes I Can!” Nursery School, which specializes in programs for children with special needs.

Background: “Yes I Can!” Nursery School provides a nurturing environment focused on enhancing children’s strengths and fostering essential skills. It was crucial to create a brand identity that encapsulated the school’s values of inclusivity, learning, and growth​​​​.

Design Process:

  • Logo and Mascot Creation: Designed a vibrant and engaging logo with playful mascots representing the school’s diverse educational activities, aimed at instantly communicating the school’s ethos and appealing to children and parents alike.
  • Website Development: Constructed a user-friendly website highlighting the school’s mission and programs, ensuring it was easily navigable and informative for all visitors.
  • Printed Materials and Signage: Produced printed materials like brochures and signage that maintained consistency with the established brand identity, were visually appealing, and provided clear information about the school’s offerings.


  • Positive reception from parents and the community, as reported in testimonials, reflecting the success of the materials in conveying the school’s mission and values​​.
  • Increased visibility and recognition in the community through coherently branded materials, contributing to the school’s reputation as a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Conclusion: The “Yes I Can!” Nursery School’s branding and marketing project highlight the power of cohesive design in communicating an organization’s purpose and building a strong community presence.