AME Learning – Corporate Brand Identity Revitalization

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AME Learning Inc.




Corporate Identity Design

Executive Summary:
AME Learning, a leader in providing innovative educational solutions, embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative to rejuvenate its corporate identity. NewDesignGroup was entrusted with the task of developing a new brand image that would reflect the company’s dedication to enhancing the learning experience through modern and accessible means.

The challenge was to create a brand identity that was both fresh and relevant, resonating with AME Learning’s progressive approach to education. The new brand needed to be adaptable across various media, including digital and print, while maintaining a consistent and professional image.

NewDesignGroup crafted a clean, modern logo that encapsulated AME Learning’s core values of clarity, growth, and innovation. The design featured stylized bars reminiscent of both progress charts and books on a shelf, symbolizing growth through learning. This new logo served as the cornerstone for the subsequent creation of brochures, textbook covers, email signatures, letterheads, PowerPoint templates, and the pinnacle of the project – a new website.

The rebranding was a success, with the new identity warmly received by AME Learning’s clientele. The brand’s visual language communicated the company’s forward-thinking ethos effectively, facilitating a stronger connection with its audience. Justin Joffe, President and Director of AME Learning, lauded the new brand for setting the company in the right direction.

The efforts of NewDesignGroup in redefining AME Learning’s brand identity proved to be instrumental in the company’s market repositioning. By providing a coherent and versatile branding package, NewDesignGroup helped AME Learning present a renewed and dynamic image to the educational sector, poised for future growth and innovation.

From the Client:

“After a long, long time of effort and resources, we have finally launched our entire new brand!! Thanks to the amazing design you originated, we created the attached brochures, textbook covers, and email signatures, letterhead and ppt templates, and our finale…our new website.

Thanks for the contributions you made to set us in the right direction.”

Justin Joffe, HBA, MBA
President and Director