ABC Funds – Brand Identity for Financial Products

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ABC Funds Inc.


ABC Funds




Corporate Identity Re-Design
Funds Identities Design
Tagline Development
Website re-skin

Executive Summary: ABC Funds, operated by I.A. Michael Investment Counsel Ltd., sought a comprehensive brand identity that would encapsulate their suite of financial products while maintaining a cohesive image. NewDesignGroup was tasked with developing a branding structure that would effectively communicate the uniqueness of each fund under the umbrella of the parent brand.

Challenge: The primary challenge was to create a distinct yet unified brand identity for ABC Funds and its various financial products, balancing the need for individual product recognition with the overarching brand’s integrity.

Solution: Employing a sub-branding strategy, NewDesignGroup created a master brand logo for ABC Funds that symbolizes trust and stability, crucial attributes in the finance industry. Each fund was then given a unique identity, tied together by a common design language and color palette, yet differentiated by specific icons and color variations to reflect the individual nature of each fund.

The website and marketing materials were designed to reinforce this branding structure, with clear delineations between the products while ensuring a seamless user experience that reflects the brand’s core values of exclusivity, excellence, and value.

Outcome: The sub-branding approach was instrumental in positioning each ABC Fund with its own identity while ensuring they were all recognizably part of the ABC Funds family. This strategy facilitated a clear and consistent brand message across all platforms.

Conclusion: NewDesignGroup’s strategic branding approach provided ABC Funds with a robust identity system that successfully communicates the diversity of their product offerings while maintaining a strong, unified brand presence‚Äč‚Äč.