Urbana Corporation Advertisement Design and Copywriting

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Urbana Corporation

Objective: To create an engaging and persuasive print advertisement for Urbana Corporation, to be featured in the National Post, highlighting the company’s investment opportunities.

Background: Urbana Corporation sought to elevate its brand presence among National Post readers by emphasizing the dual strengths of its investment offerings: strategic investing and marketable security.


  • Copywriting: Developed compelling ad copy that juxtaposes the concepts of ‘strength’ and ‘flexibility,’ mirroring the dual advantages of Urbana’s investment services.
  • Design: Chose a visual metaphor of rock climbing to represent the journey of an investment scaling new heights, aligning with the ad copy’s message.


  • Communicating complex financial concepts in an accessible and visually compelling format.


  • Utilized clear, concise language and powerful imagery to convey Urbana’s message effectively.

Outcome: The advertisement successfully conveyed Urbana’s unique selling propositions and was well-received by the National Post’s discerning readership.

Conclusion: This project exemplified the effective fusion of strategic copywriting with dynamic design to create a memorable print advertisement that resonates with potential investors.