YouTube rolls out new Shorts editing tools

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The latest editing feature is currently exclusive to iOS devices, with plans to extend its availability to Android in the near future.
YouTube has introduced the ability to modify video layouts when converting long-form content into Shorts.

This new editing feature, compatible with all Remix tools, is currently accessible only on iOS, but an Android rollout is on the horizon.

Why it matters: This new editing tool could be a valuable asset for brands and marketers looking to leverage the popularity of Shorts, which are viewed by 2 billion monthly logged-in users.

How to use it:

  1. Navigate to the video you wish to transform into a Short and tap the “remix” button.
  2. Choose “Edit Into A Short.”
  3. Trim the video to select the segment you want and then select a “Layout” option.
  4. You can opt for various layouts like “Single” or “Square” to focus on specific parts of your video or use one of the split-screen layouts that suits your content best.
  5. Pinch and drag in the preview section until you’re satisfied with the appearance.
  6. Save the layout.
  7. Once your editing is complete, you can upload your short video.

Original news from SearchEngineLand