Wix Announces A Figma Plugin That Turns Designs Into Websites

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Wix has unveiled a new Figma Plugin allowing designers to seamlessly import Figma designs into Wix Studio, significantly accelerating the transition from design concepts to fully operational websites.

Figma Design Tool

Figma is a collaborative design tool delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), specifically designed for designers, teams, and clients to prototype various designs, including websites.

Figma facilitates the creation, sharing, and testing of digital designs for websites and other digital experiences. Its collaborative capabilities streamline the iterative processes of design, feedback incorporation, and decision-making.

With the Wix Figma Plugin, designers or design agencies can seamlessly export their designs into Wix Studio, where they can transform them into fully functional websites.

Wix Figma Plugin

Gali Erez, Head of Product at Wix Studio Editor, expressed enthusiasm about the new plugin:

“We are thrilled to present this new plugin to the design community. With its innovative features and intuitive interface, the plugin empowers users to create captivating designs and efficiently streamline the path from design to production. This efficiency enhances their design and development experience, ultimately driving conversions.”

Wix is a SaaS website builder platform that simplifies the creation of high-performance websites across various industries, from ecommerce to online services. The introduction of the Figma plugin underscores Wix’s commitment to innovation, further solidifying its appeal as a leading platform for website creation.

Figma recently updated users about the upcoming release of the Wix plugin, generating considerable excitement among designers:

“Can’t wait for its public release, very excited!”

“I’m so pumped for this plugin! Glad it’s coming out next month; it’s going to revolutionize web design.”

The anticipation reflects the industry’s eagerness for this new tool, highlighting its potential to transform the design landscape.

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