Why Every Marketer Should Be On Reddit

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Throughout its nearly two-decade journey, Reddit has cultivated a vibrant, diverse, and deeply involved community. It’s not just a platform anymore; it’s a cultural force shaping the landscape of the internet. Boasting over 500,000 monthly visitors spanning across 100,000 active communities, Reddit stands tall among the top 10 social media giants globally.

However, despite its undeniable reach and influence, marketers have often shied away from Reddit, failing to capitalize on its immense potential. Indeed, establishing a foothold on Reddit is no easy feat. It demands patience, dedication, and a genuine commitment to becoming an integral part of the community. Success here isn’t measured in days or weeks but rather in months, if not years, of authentic engagement and meaningful interactions with fellow Redditors.

For many, the perceived risk and effort involved in leveraging Reddit’s potential may seem daunting. But let’s face it—most remarkable endeavors require a leap of faith and plenty of elbow grease. And for those who’ve invested the time and effort into mastering Reddit, the rewards speak for themselves.

Whether due to skepticism or oversight, marketers who underestimate Reddit’s power are ignoring a goldmine of opportunity. Here lies an influential community boasting precisely targeted demographics, where authenticity reigns supreme, fostering genuine connections and yielding invaluable insights, positive brand perception, and marketing triumphs.

Still skeptical? Let’s delve deeper into the Reddit experience!

Reddit Stats You Cannot Ignore

Reddit users exhibit a remarkable dedication to the platform, with a staggering 73.1 million individuals—equivalent to 14.6% of its 500 million user base—checking in daily. This vibrant community shares over 1 billion posts and churns out more than 16 billion comments across 100,000+ active communities, solidifying Reddit’s status as one of the most frequented and dynamic sites in the United States today.

The loyalty of Reddit’s user base is evident in their daily habits, spending an average of 20 minutes on the platform, a number that escalates to over 45 minutes for seasoned users of more than seven years. Many of these users prioritize Reddit over other social media platforms, resulting in significant inactivity rates elsewhere—32% on Facebook, 37% on Instagram, 41% on TikTok, and 53% on X.

In terms of demographics, a 2019 survey unveiled that Reddit’s audience is predominantly male (59%), spanning various age groups (36% aged 18-29; 25% aged 30-49) and boasting a solid educational background (42% hold a college degree; 31% have some college experience). These characteristics make Reddit users an appealing target audience for businesses seeking success.

Reddit’s impact on revenue growth is undeniable, with a substantial 21% increase to $804 million in 2023. Looking ahead, the advertising potential on Reddit is poised for even greater expansion, with a projected global addressable market of $1.4 trillion by 2027.

Contrary to common belief, Reddit’s reach extends far beyond North America, with over 50% of its traffic originating from international users—an impressive evolution from its earlier days. However, it’s crucial to recognize that Reddit’s demographics vary significantly from one subreddit to another, reflecting the platform’s diverse and dynamic community structure.

If those statistics haven’t piqued your interest yet, consider this: surveys reveal that a staggering 75% of users view Reddit as a trustworthy source when making purchasing decisions.

Reddit’s prominent presence in Google search results has been a longstanding phenomenon, further amplified by recent developments such as its inclusion in SGE results and Google’s lucrative $60 million annual deal with Reddit. This partnership grants Google real-time access to Reddit content and allows for the utilization of said content to train Google’s future AI models.

Given Reddit’s substantial visibility in Google’s search landscape, it’s imperative for search marketers to delve deeper into the significance of this collaboration. Let’s explore why this deal holds immense importance, particularly for search marketers.

Reddit In Google Search, SGE, And Google’s Reddit Deal

For years, Reddit has held a significant presence in Google’s search results, to the extent that users often append “reddit” to their search queries.

Frequently, Google suggests search prompts featuring “reddit” already filled in.

Even if one doesn’t opt for the “reddit” included query, Reddit’s prominence is evident in two key areas: discussions and forums, and Reddit sitelinks, positioned just below advertisements and the primary organic result.

This influence was further heightened by Google’s recent Helpful Content Update (HCU), which increased the visibility of platforms like Reddit and other forums in search results.

Reddit’s effectiveness in providing valuable information to users, coupled with reported shortages of new content for AI models across major platforms, led to Google striking a deal with Reddit. This agreement aims to accelerate the visibility of Reddit’s content in search results and utilize it for training future AI models.

Following the announcement of the partnership between Reddit and Google, there has been a noticeable surge in attention towards Reddit’s presence in Google’s search outcomes.

Experts across the search industry have observed not only an increase in Reddit’s overall visibility in search results but also a remarkable acceleration in the indexing and presentation of Reddit posts to users.

Addressing concerns regarding Reddit’s augmented appearance in search results, Google stated, “Some of the SEO folks who tend to be vocal on this platform (X) really dislike seeing more forum content in our search results. But actual searchers seem to like it. They proactively seek it out. It makes sense for us to be showing it to keep the search results relevant and satisfying for everyone.”

Despite Google’s stance, Roger Montii reported one instance where Reddit content was indexed within five minutes, a claim that has sparked some debate.

ChatGPT to Surface Reddit Content

In addition to the agreement struck between Reddit and Google, there have been recent reports of a collaboration between OpenAI and Reddit. This partnership aims to integrate Reddit’s content into ChatGPT, underscoring the significant value recognized by both OpenAI and Google in Reddit’s content, both presently and in the foreseeable future.

Unsurprisingly, this development has piqued the interest of companies across various scales. Many are keen to discern how their brands can engage effectively on Reddit to enhance their visibility in Google’s search results, SGE, and ChatGPT, thereby bolstering their brand presence among one of the internet’s most influential audiences.

However, it’s essential to heed a word of caution: Success on Reddit demands genuine, sustained engagement and a thoughtful strategy. Rushing into marketing on Reddit without a clear understanding of the platform, its user base, and the value your brand can offer its communities is ill-advised and can backfire.

Let’s examine how some major brands have achieved success on Reddit in the past.

noosa Yoghurt

Noosa Yoghurt’s 2021 back-to-school initiative on Reddit serves as an excellent illustration of leveraging niche audiences to generate compelling, user-generated content.

By tapping into Reddit’s community of enthusiastic yogurt aficionados, Noosa devised a Flavor Poll that encouraged Redditors to engage by upvoting their preferred Noosa flavors within the comments section. This approach fostered a sense of community and interactivity around what might have otherwise been a conventional poll.

Following the tallying of upvotes, Noosa subsequently published a Promoted Post featuring the results, presented through a sophisticated custom infographic. This not only showcased the community’s favorite flavors but also provided valuable insights into consumer preferences for the brand.

The outcomes were remarkable:

  • A 49% surge in brand recall among Reddit users exposed to the campaign.
  • A 30% uptick in brand favorability.
  • A 39% increase in purchase intent, which is 15 times higher than the typical lift observed in the food sector.
  • Over 50 billion monthly views, underscoring the campaign’s extensive reach and impact.

Sony Pictures Germany

In anticipation of the premiere of “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” in Germany, Sony Pictures Germany orchestrated a dynamic Reddit campaign blending organic and promoted content to captivate the platform’s fervent fan bases.

Taking on the persona of the film’s protagonist, u/MilesMorales, the brand established a Reddit account to disseminate exclusive content within Spider-Man-themed subreddits.

Furthermore, Sony Pictures Germany arranged an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the German voice actor of Miles Morales, fostering a deeper, more intimate connection with enthusiasts. They also strategically promoted video posts showcasing the movie trailer, intensifying anticipation among the audience.

The outcomes:

Sony Pictures Germany experienced a remarkable click-through rate (CTR) that surpassed its standard paid media by 344%.
The post garnered 831 upvotes and reached 618,000 impressions.
“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” maintained its position as the top film on the German movie charts for three consecutive weeks.
It’s worth highlighting that while leveraging Reddit for content promotion proved highly effective, Reddit offers multifaceted value beyond mere promotion for brands.

Reddit serves as an invaluable platform for soliciting candid feedback.

Whether it’s discerning your target audience’s preferences, piloting new features or concepts before full-scale launch, or nurturing ongoing transparent dialogue with customers to foster brand loyalty, Reddit provides an avenue for unparalleled success.

Transamerica Helping Reddit Make Dollars Make Sense

Transamerica’s Reddit campaign stands out as a prime illustration of a company seizing an opportunity to connect with its target audience within the subreddit /r/finance.

By immersing itself in the discussions and concerns prevalent in the subreddit, the company gained invaluable insights into its customers’ needs, informing its content creation and future marketing strategies.

In a bid to align itself with the Reddit community, Transamerica demonstrated a keen awareness of the ongoing conversations surrounding personal finance and even acknowledged Redditors employed by the company. It actively solicited suggestions for topics tailored specifically for the Reddit community’s interests in finance.

Throughout the campaign, Transamerica maintained an active and engaging presence, participating in threads with a light-hearted and occasionally humorous tone.

Upon gathering ample feedback, Transamerica proceeded to develop content based on the most popular requests, carefully crafting it to mirror Reddit’s branding and design aesthetics. Moreover, the company diligently shared links to the published content on its site, effectively drawing attention back to the campaign and the content it generated.

A decade later, this campaign continues to serve as a cornerstone example of how brands can effectively engage on Reddit, showcasing respect, thoughtfulness, and meaningful interaction with the community.

Why You Should Be On Reddit Wrapup

In short, if your brand aims to engage authentically with its audience and has a meaningful message to convey, Reddit is a platform worth considering. These examples of successful brand campaigns underscore Reddit’s effectiveness when utilized thoughtfully. By conducting thorough research to identify and understand your target communities, Reddit can outperform other channels significantly. However, the challenge lies in navigating Reddit’s communities, which can be critical of overtly promotional content. Yet, by focusing on addressing users’ needs and concerns, Reddit holds the promise of being a high-performing marketing channel.

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