TikTok is restricting hashtags in Creative Center

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TikTok has implemented restrictions on hashtags within its Creative Center. This means that some hashtag links are no longer functioning in the Creative Center, which could impact the accuracy of trend popularity measurements. TikTok marketers are no longer able to search for specific hashtags using this tool.

This development is significant because it makes it more challenging to explore and assess the popularity of trends on the platform, which is crucial for effective campaign planning. Notably, links related to hashtags associated with the Israel-Hamas war and U.S. politics are among those disabled within Creative Center. Additionally, TikTok has removed the search button from this feature.

TikTok has explained that it has shifted its focus towards providing data on the top 100 hashtags within various industries, such as pets and travel. The decision to restrict the hashtag search feature was made due to concerns that it was being misused to uncover potential platform censorship. This decision followed scrutiny by researchers and lawmakers who were using the tool’s results to examine content related to geopolitics and the Israel-Hamas war.

The TikTok Creative Center is a tool aimed at helping advertisers monitor trend popularity on the platform. It is accessible to everyone and offers data on the number of videos associated with specific hashtags and information about the audience that viewed those videos.

TikTok spokesperson Alex Haurek explained this change, stating, “Unfortunately, some individuals and organizations have misused the Center’s search function to draw inaccurate conclusions, so we are changing some of the features to ensure it is used for its intended purpose.”

Original news from SearchEngineLand