New YouTube Feature Aims To Spark Viral Trends In Shorts

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YouTube is introducing a new experimental feature aimed at increasing engagement among YouTube Shorts creators.

The feature, called the “Add Yours” sticker, is currently being tested with a few channels. It allows creators to start and participate in trending topics.

YouTube unveiled this feature in its latest weekly news update for video creators.

This experiment presents a fresh approach to encouraging audience interaction, potentially sparking viral trends and challenges.

How It Works

  1. Creators participating in the test group will discover an “Add yours” option within the sticker selection menu when they create a Short video.
  2. Once they have recorded their Short, they can tap “Next,” then the sticker icon, and choose “Add yours.”
  3. They can then type a prompt for other users to respond to.
  4. The sticker will be displayed as an overlay on the published Short video.

Viewer Interaction

Viewers watching Shorts featuring the “Add yours” sticker can engage by clicking on the sticker and making a response video.

Channels can monitor participation by tapping on the sticker. This allows them to view all the Shorts created in response to their prompt, offering valuable feedback and insights.

What Does This Mean For You?

To showcase the capabilities of YouTube’s new “Add Yours” sticker for Shorts, let’s explore how a creator in the SEO community could leverage this feature.

  • Example: “30-Second SEO Tip”
  • Initial Short: Demonstrates a rapid SEO technique, such as leveraging Google Trends for keyword research.
  • Sticker: “Share your top 30-second SEO tip!”
  • Caption: “Enhance your SEO strategy! What’s your fastest optimization trick? #30SecSEOTip”
  • Outcome: Other creators contribute their own SEO tips.

This succinct format promotes engagement, delivers immediate value, and has the potential to expand your YouTube following.

Limited Rollout

YouTube is initially rolling out this feature to a select group of Shorts creators using mobile devices.

This phased introduction enables YouTube to collect feedback and fine-tune the feature before considering a broader release.

Looking Ahead

The launch of the “Add yours” sticker reflects YouTube’s strategy to compete in the short-form video market, currently dominated by platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.

By simplifying trend creation and participation, YouTube intends to enhance the production of short-form videos.

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