New Wix AI Image Tools Makes Image Editing Apps Virtually Obsolete

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Wix has unveiled three fresh image editing tools, augmenting their array of AI-driven website construction tools. These new additions, coupled with the existing AI Website Builder, now equip users with a comprehensive toolkit for crafting polished websites effortlessly.

With these enhancements, Wix users can streamline their workflow by eliminating the need to toggle between various applications or invest in third-party software for image creation and optimization. Everything is conveniently consolidated within a single platform, simplifying the website building process.

Three New AI Image Tools

Wix has rolled out three new image editing tools, empowering users to forego reliance on third-party image editors. With these additions, the Wix platform now offers comprehensive capabilities for creating, optimizing, and editing images, all in one convenient place.

The new Wix AI image tools include:

  1. AI Image Creator
  2. Object Eraser
  3. AI Image Editor

AI Image Creator

Wix users can now generate website images entirely from scratch with the AI Image Creator. This feature eliminates the necessity for subscribing to and paying extra for a stock image library. Everything required for image generation, ideal for small businesses, is now seamlessly integrated within the Wix platform.

Operating in a user-friendly text-to-image prompt mode, this tool allows users to describe their desired image, which the AI then generates. Users can craft images in diverse styles, including photos, paintings, illustrations, cartoons, and more.

AI Object Eraser

The Object Eraser, a notable feature, facilitates the removal of objects within a photograph effortlessly. Users simply need to highlight the object they wish to eliminate and select the option to remove it. This functionality empowers any publisher to enhance images that would otherwise be unusable, without requiring additional technical or photo editing skills.

AI Image Editor

Introducing a prompt-based tool, capable of editing images with precision, whether it’s adding elements or altering specific sections. Users can easily instruct the AI by highlighting areas for modification and specifying desired changes. For instance, transforming a wall’s texture to wood or switching a person’s t-shirt to a casual button-up shirt.

Ido Kosover, Head of Media at Wix, expressed, “These AI-powered features underscore our commitment to providing users with powerful tools that simplify the website creation process while ensuring professional-quality results.”

Wix’s latest AI image tools offer exceptional value to publishers by eliminating the need to purchase or subscribe to third-party tools and services like photo editors and stock photo libraries. Professional-grade images are now accessible to all Wix users, regardless of their technical expertise.

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