LinkedIn Rolls Out New Newsletter Tools

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LinkedIn is introducing a range of new features aimed at enhancing the experience for newsletter creators on its platform.

The professional networking site aims to streamline the process of expanding newsletter audiences and fostering deeper engagement with readers.

More People Publishing Newsletters On LinkedIn

The company reports a 59% increase in LinkedIn members publishing newsletter articles over the past year, with engagement on these newsletters rising by 47%. In response to this growing interest, LinkedIn is updating its suite of newsletter tools.

A New Way To View & Comment

One significant update is an enhanced reading experience that presents comments alongside newsletter articles. This enables readers to effortlessly engage in discussions while consuming the content. Take a look at the example of the new interface below.

Design Your Own Cover Images

Microsoft now offers an AI-powered Designer tool for crafting personalized cover images for newsletters. This integration includes templates, size options, and design suggestions to enhance the creation of visually compelling covers.

More Subscriber Notifications

LinkedIn is enhancing notifications sent to newsletter subscribers to boost readership. Subscribers will now receive email alerts and in-app messages whenever a new issue is published. Additionally, LinkedIn will actively encourage your followers to subscribe.

Mention Other Profiles In Articles

Now, users can embed links to other LinkedIn profiles and pages directly into their newsletter articles. This allows readers to click through and explore more about the individuals or companies mentioned. As illustrated below, adding a link is straightforward and enhances engagement.

Preview Links Before Publishing

Lastly, LinkedIn provides access to a staging link that previews the newsletter URL before publication. This feature helps users effectively review and distribute their content.

Why SEJ Cares

As LinkedIn solidifies its role as a publishing platform for creators and thought leaders, updates that improve the newsletter experience are significant for digital marketers and industry professionals aiming to expand their audience.

These new tools are part of LinkedIn’s broader strategy to attract creators who publish original content on its platform, responding to increasing interest in newsletters and knowledge-sharing.

How This Can Help You

For those publishing newsletters on LinkedIn, these new tools can enhance content design, expand subscriber bases, facilitate audience interaction through comments, and preview content prior to publication.

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