LinkedIn Algorithm Change Could Promote Your Best Posts For Months

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LinkedIn is gearing up to introduce fresh features and algorithm adjustments aimed at assisting users in connecting with more specific audiences, even long after sharing their top-notch content. Insights from a recent interview with key figures at the company shed light on this initiative.

The details emerged in a recent conversation featured on, where LinkedIn executives Tim Jurka and Dan Roth delved into strategies for enhancing engagement on the platform.

Here’s a summary of the key points discussed.

Suggested Posts – A Major Algorithm Shift

LinkedIn is in the process of developing a novel “suggested post” feature designed to amplify pertinent content to specific audiences, even long after its initial publication.

“Currently, content has a short lifespan on the newsfeed,” stated Jurka. “We aim to aggregate the collective professional knowledge on our platform and ensure it surfaces whenever it’s needed.”

The introduction of the suggested posts feature heralds one of LinkedIn’s most significant algorithm updates in recent years, signaling a departure from the conventional model of content distribution on social platforms, by prolonging the relevance of older posts.

Although LinkedIn has confirmed that the feature is undergoing testing among a limited number of users, the executives refrained from providing a precise timeline for its broader rollout.

How LinkedIn Will Choose Posts To Suggest

Here’s a breakdown of how the suggested posts feature will function:

  1. LinkedIn’s algorithm will recognize content as particularly valuable if you share an informative post on a specific niche topic.
  2. Subsequently, even months or years after your initial post, your content may resurface in the feeds of users interested in that particular subject, regardless of whether they currently follow you.
  3. The objective is to dynamically pair users with pertinent content that aligns with their immediate needs, rather than merely showcasing the most recent posts.

Addressing Claims Of Declining Organic Reach

Certain content creators have voiced concerns about experiencing increased difficulty in achieving reach on LinkedIn since algorithm modifications took effect last year.

In response, LinkedIn emphasizes its commitment to prioritizing targeted value over broad reach.

The executives clarified that fluctuations in organic reach have been a consistent aspect of the platform. They underscored the significance of cultivating meaningful connections, prioritizing them over superficial metrics such as views or follower counts.

Cautions Against Algorithm “Hacks”

LinkedIn advises users against placing trust in reports that claim to have cracked the platform’s algorithm, asserting that the signals governing it undergo constant change.

Roth suggests that the most effective strategy is to share genuinely helpful knowledge.

Takeaways For Marketers

Here are several strategies digital marketers can adjust for their LinkedIn approach in response to these algorithm modifications.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

As LinkedIn now prioritizes “knowledge and advice” content that retains its utility over time, marketers ought to divert their attention from generating a large quantity of posts. Instead, they should focus on crafting genuinely distinctive, top-notch insights that deliver significant value.

Prioritize Niche Communities

In today’s LinkedIn landscape, prioritizing mass reach has become less crucial. Instead, marketers should concentrate on engaging with niche professional groups and cultivating strong connections within key subsets, rather than dispersing content indiscriminately across the platform.

Embrace Long-Form Content

Lengthy, comprehensive posts are highly favored by LinkedIn’s suggested post and newsletter features. Hence, marketers should explore the potential of long-form content and series.

Monitor Analytics Closely

It’s imperative to closely monitor audience analytics to discern which content resonates most effectively. Letting data inform your strategy is preferable to chasing hypothetical “hacks” or adhering strictly to best practices.

Test a Mix of Content Formats

With LinkedIn introducing more options such as newsletters, audio, and live video, marketers should conduct experiments across various formats and analyze the results to determine what best captures their audience’s attention.

The crux lies in delivering genuine value and insights to niche professional communities, rather than resorting to broad, spammy posts. Emphasizing quality over quantity has become more pivotal than ever before.

Additional Features and Offerings

In addition to the features highlighted, LinkedIn is actively exploring additional avenues to incorporate newsletters and audio features as they expand their content offerings.

These changes underscore LinkedIn’s ambition to evolve from merely a social network into a robust knowledge-sharing platform tailored for professionals. The emphasis on prolonging the relevance of older content through suggested posts plays a significant role in this strategic shift.

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